The Art Of Being Self-Made: A Conversation With Russ

By: Julian Mitchell

Being an independent artist means more than bearing the burden of building your career from the ground up.

Beyond developing a personal blueprint for success and investing in an aspirational vision, making the decision to dedicate all of your energy into achieving a dream demands a willingness to challenge tradition and establish new rules that can be adopted by those attempting to follow in your footsteps.

Understanding the pursuit of independence through this lens, the metrics for determining a win shift from how closely your career align with the current roster of superstars standing on top of the game. Instead, being victorious is measured by being able to introduce disruptive trends, smarter business models, and a formula for climbing the ranks that isn’t reliant upon dated prerequisites.

For the rare class of artists who take on this challenge, as seen through the notable mark made by emcees like Chance The Rapper and Nipsey Hussle, having freedom not only allows you to control your destiny, but also lays the foundation for cementing both a lucrative and long-standing legacy.

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