Artist Bando prepares to releases project “Bell Flower”

Press Release:: 

“Pretension is the killer of many cause people know their shield before they know themselves”. ‘Bellflower’ is the first release from the artist formerly known as B.Anderson, under his new moniker, ‘Bando’

Bando relocated to the Los Angeles area from Dallas, Texas, to further his music career and develop himself creatively and business wise to take full control of his career. With this journey and self realization, came ‘Bellflower’, a collection of music based around finding your true self and defying expectations from outside entities.

This project includes production from long-time collaborators Alexander Lewis and Super Miles, as well as assistance from producers Kal Banx and J08s. Songs like ‘Steak & Yams’ featuring Dallas mainstay Coach Tev,  ‘Be Cool’, and ‘Joy’, set the standard for the entire project, showing B’s growth and maturity from prior releases.

Coming off of a performance as a finalist of Vans® ‘Musicians Wanted’ contest, Bando is sure to make a splash with Bellflower.

Watch more work from Bando: M.A.D.E series 



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