Artist Brooklyn Release New Video ” Cupid”

Brooklyn has released the brand new video for her single ‘Cupid’ and it’s jam packed with vibrant cinematic visuals. Set on the urban London backdrop, the lavender haired songstress sees her relationship unravel in front of her eyes in an edgy and emphatic visual.


Already being tipped for big things in 2017, Brooklyn has found a wealth of support online seeing her Instagram profile sore to almost 20,000 followers.


Glistening with majestic locks of lavender hair, Brooklyn stars in the vibrant visuals for her debut single Cupid. Her powerful vocals surpasses her age and the song entwines an eclectic blend of musical influences, which is riddled with a mesmerizing beat.


The track paints a picture of the vulnerability of love and she’s gathered the strength to right the wrongs and learn from her mistakes. Capturing the heart of London as the video’s backdrop, Brooklyn strolls around the urban landscape, as she begins to suss out some lies.



Echoing a solid influence of R’n’B, Grime and Hip-Hop, the 21-year-old combines her strong soulful vocals with a captivating eclectic blend of tantalising instrumentals to form the song Cupid. Brooklyn’s vibrancy not only shines through her music, it’s expressed through her appearance as she isn’t afraid to experiment with colour.



Her enchanting voice, is packed into her a petite frame, don’t let her youthful look distract you as she has a voice that surpasses her years. Brooklyn’s previous release, which was the video for ‘Hold Up’ a remake of Neneh Cherry’s classic ‘Buffalo Stance’ racked up over half a million views and the support it received pays testament the great fanbase she has.

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