Auditory Aura Album Review : Invasion of Privacy Cardi B

By : Auditory Aura

 I  had to wait a little bit for some of the hype around Cardi B.’s debut album to die down before I get my thoughts out on it. In summary, this album is her in-your-face ode to allll her haters! Which, is understandable seeing how far she’s come in such a short amount of time, I remember watching & dying laughing at her videos. I can’t lie, it feels good to see her win. I may not agree with 100% of the things she says, but I respect her staying true to herself & her authenticity. She linked up with the right people in order to push her career forward in the mainstream music scene, this album has some bangers 👌🏽 Specifically “Bickenhead,” & “Best Life.” On the other hand, there are a couple songs that I can do without —“She Bad” ft. YG & “Money Bag.” I also really love how she continuously puts on for her Afro-Latina heritage on “I Like It,” that’s such a good look on her part. Cardi slows it down on a couple of songs expressing how she’s gone through heartbreak, break-ups, & all that. This provides a nice contrast with the rest of the album representing more of a feminine side. My absolute favorite song is “I Do” ft. SZA this song is 🔥 not even just because SZA is on it, but to be completely honest she KILLS the hook! Cardi holds her own verses down too & they really compliment each other well on this track. Overall, I think that this isn’t the best debut album, it’s a fun one to turn-up to though 💃🏽🎉✨ I do know that I’m looking forward to her progression as an artist 🌟

✨Aura’s Picks: “I Do” ft. SZA, “Bickenhead,” “Best Life” ft. Chance the
Rapper, “Thru Your Phone”✨

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