Auditory Aura Releases Culture 2 Album Review

By : Auditory Aura

Migos have really been working this past year! Between all the features, Quality Control album, performances, etc. etc., I have to give them their props 1st & foremost before I review ‘Culture II’. My first impression = this album is too long! 24 tracks?!

SHEESH  So I listened, & there are a few stand-out tracks on there, but overall, it could have been cut down to 10-12 tracks. Eventually, the songs started getting repetitive, & it just made me so sad because  I loved ‘Culture’ so much :(.

There’s even “Open It Up” that sounds almost exactly like “Deadz” with a similar chorus & horns in the opening…To end on a good note, Takeoff came hard with some verses  & it’s crazy how they’ve really made a name for themselves in popular music by rapping in triplets, so check out the album, put on when you turn-up, working out or whatever! There is still some good production, check out my picks below for songs to check out :

Aura’s Picks: “Narcos”, “Walk It Talk It”, “CC”, “White Sand”, “Movin’ Too Fast”, “Too Playa”

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