Bryson Tiller stays ” True to Self” with New Album Release

What were you doing last night?! Well I’ll tell you what my boyfriend, I mean, Bryson Tiller was doing….. he was dropping a new album! Who does that? Beyoncé, maybe? But we’ll take it.

Bryson’s sophomore album, True To Self, doesn’t disappoint if you’re looking for recognizable, authentic Bryson vibes. Oh, and did I mention – this is a BRYSON-only album – with no features.

With an Instagram, Tiller announced the early release of his True to Self album, which was originally scheduled to release on June 23. His post defined  “True to Self,” which includes the notion that “When you are being true to yourself, you are completely honest with what you feel, deeply value, and desire.”
The interludes remind me of a Drake album with the phone calls and begging women – but I’ll allow it. The beginning of the album touches on the fact the there’s a girl he wants but can’t have, because she has a man. We can all relate, right? It’s evident that he’s put his true feelings into this album, but makes it clear: “this ain’t the side —— album. I’m being straight forward, he’s going backwards.”

You can hear how he samples Mary J. Blige‘s “Don’t Go” On his track, “Stay Blessed”. Thinking of Mary, You know how she ALWAYS drops FIRE when she’s “going through.” Well this is that. I don’t know who “she” is Bryson, but we thank her – not for your heartbreak, but for this album.

If you’ve listened to the album, you’ll notice
that Bryson pays homage to several R&B greats from that time back when R&B was well, GREAT… including: SWV, Tweet, 112, Changing Faces, Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans, Brandy and Tamia.

If I can be unbiased for a second, Bryson is wrong for these SHORT non-interludes called songs. Like right as I start to vibe the next song starts. But here are some of my favorites.

Favorite Tracks:

  • In Check – this is my life
  • Run Me Try – dance hall vibes that’s itching for a Rihanna feature & Rih is #Bae
  • Money Problems/Benz Truck – this speaks to the Memphis rap lover in me
  • Set it off – because… (see also: Ride or Die)

Bryson Tiller’s True to Self Tracklist

1. “Rain on Me (Intro)”
2. “No Longer Friends”
3. “Don’t Get Too High”
4. “Blowing Smoke”
5. “We Both Know”
6. “You Got It”
7. “In Check”
8. “Self-Made”
9. “Run Me Dry”
10. “High Stakes”
11. “Rain Interlude”
12. “Teach Me a Lesson”
13. “Stay Blessed”
14. “Money Problems/Benz Truck”
15. “Set It Off”
16. “Nevermind This Interlude”
17. “Before You Judge”
18. “Somethin Tells Me”
19. “Always (Outro)”

Tiller leaves us with a make-up, break-up album and questioning if we really loved them anyway. There’s no doubt, this hour-long 19-track album will likely be a Summer 2017 classic and Instagram caption heavy.

Listen now on Spotify & iTunes.


As always,


– Jada D.

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