Dave East and The Game unite the East and West Coast with “Bad Boy on Death Row

Dave East and The Game have linked up for about 4 and a half minutes of lyrical greatness on “Bad Boy on Death Row”. The track’s clever title is an homage to the infamous East Coast/West Coast hip hop beef and plays on the rapper’s hometowns; New York and L.A.

Dave East, a new comer to the rap game, definitely holds his weight on the same track as The Game, who’s considered an OG in the rap game. The two go back and forth spitting fire bars over a Buda and Grandz production. The Game has taken credit for name dropping references in rap and executes this with a couple of insane lines referencing Fox’s hit show Empire.

Dave East has made a name for himself fairly quickly and is considered the rebirth of the classic New York lyricist by many. He manages to embody his city’s hip hop roots while still maintaining a style relevant to today. His record deal with Nas’ Mass Appeal label simply adds to his lyrical credentials.

East has been touring quite a bit since the release of Hate Me Now, which is only adding fuel to the fire of his buzz. He continuously floods the internet with remixes and original singles; all loaded with crazy bars. Check out “Bad Boy on Death Row” and other bar heavy tracks on Dave East’s Soundcloud.

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