Get Your Music Fix in Lockdown

There are plenty of ways you can get a musical hit online this summer. Tonnes of artists including big names are streaming live from all over the world, and the majority of the gigs are free to watch. Other collaborations and institutions have put together virtual nights, festivals, and even workshops. If you’re a budding musician yourself, you have plenty of opportunities to broadcast yourself as well. Here are some examples of music events you can find online during the lockdown, whatever you’re into. 

Live Shows

Find out about all the live concerts going on during the lockdown. Pop sensations like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga have already performed. Watch this space for more big names streaming live from across the globe. The best part is, famous artists are generously offering these virtual gigs for free. 

Virtual Clubbing

If you’re really missing being out dancing and the DJ scene then don’t worry. The Global Dance Festival is streaming live May 9-10th, and will likely be available online after that. The festival normally takes place in Denver, CO, but it’s been moved online and the proceeds are going to Direct Relief. The most legendary European DJs have collaborated together as well to bring you “United We Stream” which comes directly from Berlin nightclubs. Thousands of artists have basically put together a virtual club for you so even though there isn’t much active nightlife at the moment, you’ll still be able to rave at home. 

Music Lessons

Taking up a new hobby is a great way to pass time and music is a great choice. There a plenty of options to practice an instrument online such as the piano or guitar with sites like Piano in 21 Days. Jam with your mates on Houseparty or Zoom, you might get pretty good by the end of summer. You can connect with people worldwide on apps like Smule, where you can collaborate with music fans all over the world.

Broadcast Yourself

Crowdcast offers plenty of concerts along with culturally provocative live events, so tune in now! There’s a wide range to see and hear. The best thing is that you can post your own live videos for a monthly membership.  Why not try to get involved? There are plenty of interactive workshops and live debates going on so you’ll be able to pass a lot of time on this site. 

Classical Arrangements

If it’s classical you prefer, several concert halls are also collaborating to provide online events. Sage is one of the collaborators of the European Concert Hall network which has over 25 concert halls all streaming events on social media. The Royal Opera house is also offering curated online broadcasts, musical masterclass, and ballet and opera productions on Facebook and Twitter. The MET also has regular opera performances streaming, once per day for free available from 7:30 pm on EST or the MET app. The Berlin Philharmonic boasts life broadcasts from digital concert halls in HD, so sit back, relax and enjoy.

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