Jeezy “Pressure” Album Review

By : Auditory Aura

‘Pressure’ by Jeezy

This is actually one of my favorite releases this weekend, likeee I was actually really surprised, tbh, I was expecting a couple of songs that stick out from this album, but the entire album I can listen to straight through 👌🏽 The opening & closing tracks are very strong. He has a lot of features, but each of the artists are in their pocket & they don’t outshine
him on his own songs, that’s really wassup. AND the album has 13 tracks, lately there has been a trend where longer is better, but that’s not always the case. The songs flow from one to the next & the production on it sounds
great. Also, it can get easy for rappers who have been in the game a while to get kind of corny…he does not, another plus. Unfortunately, a lot of people will probably sleep due to a day with so many new releases, but I’m
telling you, this is worth a listen. It’s actually my fave since ‘Thug Motivation 101’ & ‘The Recession’✨

Aura’s Picks: “Spyder,” “American Dream” & “Snow Season”

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