Official Album Review of ‘November’ by SiR

By : Auditory Aura

Dreamy. That’s the one word that I feel describes this album. SiR has a way of mixing story-telling along with production that feels like you’re drifting w/ not a care in the world.

There is a robotic assistant, “K” who supposedly guides SiR in his journey and onto “sleep mode”, with the last 2 tracks happening while he’s dreaming . I found the album to describe conflicting aspects of love/relationships especially in the industry & with him being married. On the other hand, specifically in the beginning of the project, he utilizes his songwriting abilities to give us differing perspectives. The line that gets me, “All her little friends can’t stand me ‘Cause they know, I would trade her love for a Grammy,” on “That’s Alright.”

It’s the hard-hitting lines like this that make SiR really stand out in his songwriting abilities. R&b artists continue to surprise me by constantly pushing the genre forward & integrating new sounds. SiR does just that with so much soul & dark production strung through his tracks.

I’m not gonna lie, TDE is a dope collective & from this album, they show that they continue to push/develop their artists to reach their full creative potential. Who’s trying to go to the Champion Tour?! 

Aura’s Picks: “That’s Alright,” “Summer in November,” “Something Foreign”

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