SXSW Music Festival : What to Bring in Your Bag to Survive

Written by : K. Symone 

Do you feel the excitement growing? Have you been seeing the “SXSW” acronym on social media starting to pop up? That’s right because if you read and followed the directions of my previous article then you know what’s just a few weeks away. As you are securing your rides and where you’ll be sleeping during South by South West the next thing you need to know is what to bring as you embark on this amazing adventure. No worries once again I have what you need…

  1. Bag that closes- backpack that not too big (you aren’t carrying textbooks), a satchel, or a purse that won’t make you lose your shit if it gets dirty. Just make sure you can carry it ALL DAY.
  2. Required essentials so you aren’t left outside- State issued photo ID, Cash for tipping (lots of ones so you can make it rain), credit card, and your SXSW credentials (badge wristband)
  3. Comfortable shoes- you can look as stylish as you want but just remember you will be walking a ridiculous amount and the venues typically have no seats. I suggest white vans…DAMmmmmnnNNN DANIEL.
  4. Charger and extended battery pack- your phone will die at the worst moment, so try to avoid that by writing all the shows down that you want to attend.
  5. Paper schedule or itinerary- as I said before your phone may die or you might just not get any service, it will happen.
  6. Poncho- the weather in Austin is random and at some point it will rain and you’ll be the one soaked and cold.
  7. Jacket- just a nice light jacket for the evening temperature drops.
  8. Hand sanitizer- do I need to explain?
  9. Water Bottle that is reusable- it is hot, you will be thirsty and dehydrated from all the walking and alcohol.

HOW TO SURVIVE SXSW Unofficial Guide from A Semi SXSW Pro >>>


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