SZA Represents For the Ladies on “Come See Me” Cover

Since the release of PND’s “Come See Me”, we’ve heard a couple of covers by other artist and SZA has joined that group of artist. Late last night a cover of the emotionally honest track was announced on her Instagram and posted to the TopDawg Entertainment Soundcloud.

TDE’s first lady takes on the the perspective of the woman on the other side of the unbalanced relationship Party described in the original version. SZA exposes the realities of the emotional roller coaster that “situation-ships” represent. The St. Louis native is no stranger to tracks such as this one. Reality and emotionally transparent lyrics have been a common theme throughout her career.

She delivers a sultry vibe while still managing to show off her unique vocal ability. We typically hear covers where the artist simply mimics the original song but it’s SZA, so of course she totally dominates the track and makes it her own. The big-haired goddess switches up the cadences of the hook and even adds a cool break down at the end.

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