Things Every Musician Needs For Success

A musician needs more than their musical skills to be successful in the current market. Having a business-savvy mind and the right attitude towards their work will increase their visibility in the industry and put them on the right pathway to success. 

It is so important for a musician to have their music heard. Not only does it put their name out there by new listeners, but it also increases their profits. Thus, putting the right business assets and life skills in place will help boost their success. For more on what every musician needs to succeed, keep reading.


The Right Equipment

The number one thing any musician needs is equipment. Whether you play country music and need the best acoustic bass guitars or sing and need a new microphone, having the right equipment will help you perform at your full potential. 

Investing in equipment will help you perform your best as well as record your best. If you are releasing new music and feel your current setup is not allowing you to optimize your musical ideas, then you may want to think about upgrading. 

Social Media

In this world of tech-savvy listeners and ever-growing media assets, being online will result in a larger audience. Whether you run your social media accounts or have someone do it for you, having your name on social media will help fans reach you. 

Sharing regular updates of new music releases or things you are working on will increase excitement and have your fans eagerly waiting for your new work. It is an ideal way for a musician to stay in touch with their audience


Fans love to hear what their favorite music artists have to say, whether it be through television, radio, or online interview, fans love to hear it. An interview is a great way to announce you are releasing new work or ideas for the future. It will help your audience understand more about you. You giving your time to open up and share your life will increase the fan’s respect for you and want to offer you more of their time. 

A new wave of interview technique is a podcast. If you are tech-savvy and love being involved with the online world, creating your own podcast is a great way to grow your audience. Podcasts are more personal, and having your own show means you can share what you want and when you want. They are a great way to interact with your audience and expand your audience. Who knows what podcast lovers will discover your music through clicking on your podcast.

A Good Perception Of Their Audience

Discovering who your audience is the first step. Next, you will need to identify who they really are, what they like, and what they want. Understanding your audience and grasping a good perception of their needs will help you make music they will like and want to invest their time and money into. 

When you create a true connection with the people who are eager to support you, endless opportunities will open up. Fan engagement will be more authentic and reliable if you share music that is aimed at them. 

Press Kit

You may think the press is a thing of the past. But, they are one of the most popular and effective ways of getting your music heard. 

A musician can make a traditional press kit and send it via post to a producer or magazine they want to listen to their music. Or, you can create an electronic press kit that can be sent via email. The benefits of an electronic press kit include being able to update it regularly, send it to more people, and send it quickly. 

All press kits should showcase what your music is all about. It should have clear links to your music, website, and social media, acting as a central point for you to introduce yourself and what you’re about.

Find The Right Advice And Peer Support

Family and friends are great but they are often too biased to give proper guidance and advice when it comes to your music. Music professionals tend to give more constructive guidance and can set more realistic goals and expectations.

People often tend to seek advice from those who have been unusually successful. It’s a natural human tendency to do so. But remember, the best advice always comes from those who have failed and are painfully aware of their mistakes.

Invest Your Music Into The Most Effective Revenue Streams

Ensuring you use your time wisely in the music industry will go a long way. Instead of wasting time performing at places that are not making you a profit, put yourself out there to expend your time and energy into places that will guarantee you a sufficient revenue stream. 

The same goes for when you are producing and promoting your new music. Ensure you understand the most profitable and sustainable revenue streams. 

  • Touring: Touring and playing live is self-explanatory. Festivals, in particular, are currently at an all-time attendance high. It’s about getting the fans to your shows and having the promoters wanting you on stage.
  • Publishing: Writing and recording original music can ensure you own both your master rights and your performance/mechanical rights, giving you the ability to publish and control your own works.
  • Branding: Branding requires that your image and likeness – your logos, who you are, and what you represent – are clear and aligned with similar products that aggrandize your musical mission.

Register Your Work

When you are writing, producing, and releasing your own music, you will need to make sure it’s registered correctly to attain a profit. Without registering, you may fall short and not receive the earnings you deserve. 

Signing up to a music society will help you collect money, as they will work with you on monitoring your performance. You will need to register as a writer and a producer if you are creating both yourself. 

If you are the sole writer then you will receive the entire share of the writer’s revenue stream. If you are also the publisher you’ll collect the entire share of the publishing revenue stream.

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