[WATCH] Hot New Artist Liana Bank$ releases visuals for single “LVLUP”

Since the release of the vibey “LVLUP”, Liana Bank$ and her distinctive green hair have been on our radar. Today, the video for the track premiered on TheFADER.com and it certainly matches the chill, effortlessly cool vibe of the single.

The New Yorker keeps it simple as the scenes switch between a kickback, an escalator and New York’s Times Square. As the escalator ascends, Bank$ cooly takes the ride; so appropriate for a song devoted to leveling up on the naysayers.

Liana’s effortlessly fly demeanor is effectively relayed by the visuals of her first single. In an e-mail sent to The FADER, she explains the concept of her first video:

“I wanted to shoot something natural and simple that embodied my lifestyle while catering to the message of the song. Something chill that would give people an idea of who I am”.

Watch as Liana Bank$ LVL’s up in the Bojan Vanovac directed visual.




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