8 Brilliant Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas For a Backyard Bash

Written by: Cathy Carter

If your child’s birthday falls during the summer, you have the perfect excuse to throw a backyard birthday party. An outdoor kid’s birthday party has many options for fun activities such as games, bouncing castles, inflatable water parks, etc. It also saves you a lot of money on renting a venue.

Your child’s birthday is the best day of their year so you definitely want to make it special. Read on for 8 great ideas for a kids birthday party that you can throw in your backyard.

  1. Throw an Overnight Camping Party

What do kids love more than birthday parties? Sleepovers. So imagine how happy your child will be to have an overnight birthday party in your backyard. If your child is part of a scout or girl guide troop then camping is a great kids birthday party idea for them. 

Put up tents where the children can spend the night and ask each of the kids to bring their camping sleeping gear. Activities could include toasting marshmallows and making s’ mores, treasure hunts, nature hikes, camping games and bonfire storytelling. You can also set up an outdoor movie theatre for the children to have a cool outdoor movie experience.

  1. Amateur Art Party

Art parties are one of the more popular kids birthday party ideas. Having an art-themed kids birthday party in your backyard will give your children the freedom to get as messy as they want. Paint spills in the backyard may not be as damaging as paint spills on your polished living room floors.

If your kid loves arts and crafts then an amateur art party will be especially fun for them. To make this party interesting make sure to provide lots of art supplies for the kids.

If the activity will be painting then provide a canvas board, paints, and paintbrushes for each attendee. Other art activities could include tie and dye, cupcake decorating, splatter paint -shirts, etc. 

  1. Obstacle Race Party

Another great idea for a backyard kid’s birthday party is to prepare an obstacle race for the children. If planned properly, an obstacle race party will be a great hit because children love games and they love getting dirty. 

Some of the birthday party games for kids that you can have include a trampoline, inflatable water park, water slide, hula hoops, etc. Big exercise balls can also be used to create obstacles that kids can bounce over like on the TV show Wipeout. 

  1. Circus Party

The circus theme is a popular birthday party idea for kids because it has many elements that children love. There could be clowns, magic tricks, carnival games, and popcorn. Set up your backyard like a real circus using multi-colored streamers, balloons and circus music playing on outdoor speakers. 

Kids birthday party food for a circus theme can include hot dogs, candy floss, pretzels, popcorn and animal crackers. For entertainment, you could hire a clown or events company that has circus-themed party packages. 

  1. Safari Kids Birthday Party

Petting zoos are wonderful kids birthday party places for children that love animals. You can create your animal safari park in your backyard by throwing a safari-themed party for your animal-loving child.

Decorate the yard with lots of stuffed animals and pictures of animals. If possible, you can also hire a company that can bring kid-friendly animals like ponies for the children to ride. 

You can serve cupcakes decorated with different animals and animal-themed snacks such as animal crackers. Decorations could include green streamers that can transform your backyard into an African jungle.

For games, you could have an arts and craft session whereby the kids can create animal masks or draw and paint different animals. You could also play animal charades and pin the tail on the donkey.

  1. Nerf War Party

A nerf war party can be the ultimate birthday party for a child that loves shooting and battle games. Set up a war zone in your backyard using cardboards, tires, tables turned over, beach umbrellas, etc. Attendees can bring their own nerf guns and foam darts.

Another fun event could be target practice using plastic cups. Consider providing quick and easy snacks that the children can grab on the go, in between their war games.

In case your backyard is too small for this sort of party you can hold the birthday party at an actual battle sports arena. You can also have a water gun fight to add more fun to the event. 

  1. Backyard Beach Party

Summer is the best time to have some fun at the beach. But if you are unable to go to the beach for your child’s birthday party, bring the beach to you. A backyard beach party would include an inflatable pool, a sandbox, beach towels, beach balls and a sprinkler. 

You’ll need a cooler box to hold your cold drinks, ice lollipops, fruit salad and picnic snacks. Remind the children to carry their swimsuits and set up games such as beach volleyball and miniature golf for them to play. For party favors, you can give all the attendees snazzy sunglasses

     8.Wild West Party 

Another awesome birthday party idea to hold in your backyard is an American western party. The dress code for the children would be cowboy hats, jeans, bandanas, and cowboy boots. You would need to play country music and classic games such pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs. 

You should have a ‘watering hole’ station to serve drinks such as lemonade and food. Create a photo booth with a ‘wanted’ sign for the kids to take memorable photos. 

Try These Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Summertime is a great opportunity to hold a fun birthday party in your backyard for your kids. There are many themes that you can choose from depending on what most interests your child.

These kids birthday party ideas can help you make your child’s big day amazing. We share more parenting discussions on the website. For more party planning tips and ideas read the rest of our blog. 


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