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The Ruby Berry Law Group, PLLC, a Texas-based law firm, announced its partnership with the Law Group of THP to offer expunction and non-disclosure services during Black History Month to further combat the negative systematic impacts of the Criminal Justice System. 

According to the Ruby Berry Law Group, PLLC’s Managing Partner, Attorney Bredric Berry, “Many individuals, specifically black people or those from lower economic backgrounds, complete the terms necessary to dismiss their criminal cases. However, these individuals often remain road blocked from employment and other opportunities because of the publicity of their arrest or record despite its dismissal. If anyone is eligible to legally remove these blemishes and progress their lives, we want to help!”

In Texas, an individual may be eligible for an expunction if any of the following has happened: 

  • Arrested, but not subsequently charged with a crime
  • Case dismissed for lack of probable cause, insufficient evidence, or unavailable witness
  • The Grand Jury “no billed” an indictment against you
  • Acquitted (Found “Not Guilty”) by a Judge or Jury
  • Successfully Completed Deferred Adjudication for a Class C Misdemeanor
  • Plead Guilty to a Class C Misdemeanor alcohol crime such as public intoxication
  • Criminal Record is a result of identity theft

Thanks to the efforts of Attorney Peden and other sponsorships, there are no consultation fees relating to this campaign. To receive more information concerning the #FREEATLAST Black History Expunction Campaign or to schedule a consultation visit www.rberrylaw.net  or contact (713) 324-8886. 


About Ruby Berry Law Group, PLLC

Founded by Attorney Bredric Berry, The Ruby Berry Law Group, PLLC is a Texas-Based law group that provides legal services in the areas of criminal defense, personal injury, business and entertainment and civil litigation. The Ruby Berry Law Group, PLLC is committed to providing an innovative and personalized legal experience for your individual needs. For more information visit www.rberrylaw.net

About the Law Group of THP

The Law Group of Terry Henderson Peden, PLLC is a law firm dedicated to continuing the legacy of renowned deceased Attorney Tammy E. Henderson Peden. As Tammy’s oldest son, Terry is committed to furthering the family legacy of service and excellence in post-conviction criminal defense work and litigation. The Law Group of THP services clients both in Texas and Alabama. For more information visit www.thelawgroupofthp.com

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