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Tyler Creators Fashion Presentation at MADE LA was Insane

Source : newyorker.com

Music and fashion publications everywhere have been buzzing about the debut fashion presentation from Tyler, The Creator at MADE LA over the weekend.

Growing up as an inner-city black kid, I wasn’t the most masculine,” a shirtless, deep-voiced Tyler, the Creator told a sellout crowd of two thousand at the L.A. Live complex, in downtown Los Angeles, on Saturday. “I wasn’t into sports,” he continued. “I liked pink and shit.”

The speech was the twenty-five-year-old rapper’s third of the night. After débuting a blinding line of apparel, footwear, and accessories from his Golf Wang clothing label, Tyler had screened a product clip with a pre-recorded voice-over, and then emerged to perform a scathing new diatribe called “Ego” in a silver, glittering polo top. Now, fearing that he sounded like a “broken record,” Tyler hammered points home about identity, individuality, and ownership with his mix of sincerity and trademark vulgarity. He recounted a scene from his teen years, before 2010, when his self-directed music videos catapulted his Odd Future collective into the limelight. At a local shop after school, he recounted, Tyler was “made an example of” by a store worker for wearing a pink hoodie. “That’s not a real man,” the shopkeeper had taunted in front of others. “That’s not what real men wear.”

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