Heading To An Upscale Club? Top Fashion Tips For Guys

By: Emily Roberts

If you’re a guy, fashion can be a little tricky to get right without overdoing it. If you’re heading to an upscale club, what you wear is hugely important, so you want to make sure you get it right. Here are our top tips if you plan on heading to an upscale club, so you can make sure you look and feel the part.

Don’t Cheap Out

The most important advice we can give you when deciding what to wear is don’t cheap out. This means not opting for cheap knock-offs, not opting for some jeans and a t-shirt, and not being that guy who turns up in flip flops and a singlet, and is turned away at the door. If you’re unsure about where to go, opt for famous designers. We like these Givenchy sneakers from SSENSE – in fact, SSENSE offer a variety of options from an even wider variety of designers, meaning you can shop there knowing you’ll get good quality options that’ll not only help you fit in, but really give you a sense of style to wow the crowds.

Button Up Shirts Are The Way To Go

Like we said before, one no-go is absolutely no t-shirts! You might then be wondering, what’s the best option for tops? The answer is the simple, button up shirt. It’s easy to find one that suits your own style (don’t forget, fashion is about expressing yourself, too), whether you’re looking for a plain, bold colour like white or blue, or something with a bit more pattern (although stay away from anything Hawaii-themed). These shirts go great with almost anything, so fits tons of situations. Just make sure to keep at least one of the top buttons open – you don’t want to look like you’re heading to work, so keep it loose and relaxed.

Keep Trousers Simple

For your lower half, you have three options – classic trousers, jeans, or chinos. Classic trousers are best for if you’re going somewhere a little classier but aren’t always the best choice – they can sometimes be quite restricting, which is the opposite of what you want in a club. Jeans can battle this really well – they’re great for comfort and moving around in, but if you’re going to somewhere a bit more upscale, jeans may not always be the best option. Chinos, however, fit both pretty well. They’re simple, relaxed and look stylish without sacrificing any comfort, and go well with almost anything, meaning you can opt for a shirt that’s a little louder if that’s your thing.

Don’t Overlook Your Footwear

Shoes can be a tricky one – there’s often a fine line between too formal and too casual. You don’t want to get turned away for wearing the wrong shoes, so the best bet here is checking over the dress code and seeing what their policy is. Sneakers can often be fine, like the Givenchy sneakers we mentioned earlier, as long as you stick to one colour (either black or white, and nothing too gaudy), and keep them clean and neat.

These simple tips will help you look the part at an upscale club. Enjoy!

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