Inexpensive Cosplay Resources For the Ultimate Nerd

Written by: Amy Sloane

Cosplaying with your friends is a lot of fun when everyone is on the same page. However, you don’t want cosplay to break your monthly budget. Let us take a very close look at some inexpensive cosplay resources for the ultimate nerd.

Gym Clothing

To start things off, gym clothing is a great way to get started on cosplaying. You likely have a lot of exercise clothing in your closet already. This can range from lightweight shirts to caps to sweatbands. You can get really creative with these articles of clothing when it comes to cosplay. 

In particular, because they are more flexible than regular clothing, you can bend and stretch them without fear of breaking. Exercise clothing is pretty cheap when you buy it at a large retailer. Moreover, you probably don’t have to look much further than your current wardrobe. You can buy these pieces of clothing in bulk and kill two birds with one stone. Prepare for your next cosplay event and get in a couple of workouts at the same time.

Contact Lenses

Next in line, contact lenses are super useful for adding a layer of mystique to your cosplay. If you normally wear glasses, consider contact lenses to give your face a different look. It will be more natural overall, and your vision might even improve. In addition, colored contact lenses are fantastic for brightening things up. You’re likely already wearing colorful articles of clothing on your body and face, and to complete the look, try out these colorful lenses. 

You’ll still be able to see perfectly fine, and other cosplayers will applaud your efforts. Although contact lenses definitely come at a cost, you’re already spending money on eyewear. It’s really just a matter of acquiring colored lenses, which isn’t much of a difference. For cosplay purposes, you’ll probably want to stick to single-use contacts. Two-week contacts are also an option if you don’t mind reusing them a couple of times. The bottom line is, you don’t want to opt for permanent contacts that will roll over into your normal life.


In the grand scheme of things, you can never really go wrong with wings for your cosplay. There are so many options. You could dress up as a majestic animal that flies around or put wings on your favorite character to make them soar. Just like everything else, make sure to paint your wings for a stunning visual effect. 

When you’re at the cosplay convention, you can always remove the wings when you need to squeeze through tight spaces. Wings can easily be made from cardboard or soft fabrics, so they really don’t cost much at all. Most importantly, make sure to pack up these wings carefully once you’re done with the event. With a quick refurbishment, they’ll be good to go for the next cosplay convention.

Walking Canes

Last but not least, walking canes are terrific cosplay resources in a pinch. You might be cosplaying an elderly superhero who saves the world. Alternatively, your cosplay might consist of a knight with a sword and shield. A walking cane is a pointy object that can be transformed into a number of other long items. 

If you go to a secondhand store, you can likely pick up walking canes for very inexpensive prices. Moreover, these items are surprisingly durable, so you won’t have to stock up on more canes every year. Simply use the cane for whatever purpose and strip it down afterward. You’ll be able to create costume after costume without running out of ideas.

When all is said and done, these are a couple of inexpensive cosplay resources for the ultimate nerd. Contrary to popular belief, cosplaying really doesn’t have to break your budget. Try out these resources to form an amazing costume.

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