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10 Top Facts on Bitcoin

Released as an open source software back in 2009, Bitcoin is a digital currency, which carries out transactions directly between users, without any intermediaries.

Below we are offering to your attention a comprehensive infographic prepared by a group of professionals at which will take you to the world of all the necessary info on Bitcoin.

  1. There is a mystery behind the creation of Bitcoin, as it was introduced by an enigmatic creator under the fictitious name Satoshi Nakamoto.

  2. Bitcoin is an independent type of digital currency that has no direct supervising authority, be it a physical entity or a government.

  3. 1% of Bitcoin community controls 99% Bitcoin wealth.

  4. Since March 2015 Bitcoin transaction fees are up by 1289%.

  5. 69% of banks are experimenting with permissions blockchains, which are Bitcoin wallets.

  6. There is not an endless number of Bitcoins: 21,000,000 is the cap, which is yet to be reached.

  7. 64% of Bitcoins have never been used and is not likely to ever be used.

  8. Bitcoin’s value has rapidly grown over the past 7 years, being multiplied 879,999 times.

  9. The Bitcoin startups are Circle, Blockstream, and Digital Asset Holdings.

  10. FBI owns 1.5% of the world’s Bitcoins.  

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