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5 Free Apps that Can Drastically Improve Life and Bank Account

Source: |By: Milana Edwards | @milanalchemista

1. Mint
Do you know what your spending your money on? Mint does. Mint knows you spent $200.00 dollars this month at Starbucks. Mint knows you paid your student loan bill late. Mint knows that you got out of control on Ebay last week, and Mint is judging you accordingly. Sync your debit and credit card and let Mint shame you into saving money. It also has other really useful features like determining your net worth, finding better credit card offer for you, and helping you plan your retirement. You’ll get alerts when you’ve overspent one of your budgets, if there are any credit inquiries on your account, and it will remind you when your bills are due.

2. Mealtime
Mealtime has got your back. This service will make meal plans for between 2-8 meals a week tailored to your meal preferences (yes you can select Vegan as an option). All the recipes are delicious, nutritious, and can be made in under 30 minutes! Besides the fact that this app took me from an expert cereal pourer to a person who know how zest a lemon, I especially love that it generates a grocery list for your meals. This feature is obviously my favorite because all of your meals will use the same items- no wasted food or money to speak of.

3. Nike Running Club
Listen, I’m not here for gym memberships. I had a personal trainer for 6 months, paid 200 dollars a month, and never dropped a pound. Then I started a Nike Challenge and lost 10 in 1 month. I’m not saying quit the gym, but I am saying reconsider what you really need. With Nike, I get a built in coach, a fitness tracker, and even different programs tailored to my level. With its focus on proper cardio training, this app really helped me torch calories and keep real time accurate track of the work I was doing and I didn’t have to pay a gross gym rat to help.



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