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Hacks to Boost Your Personal Finances

The world is entering another economic crisis due to shortages in oil and gas and other geo-political factors. For this reason and others, it makes sense to tighten up your personal finances with some handy hacks. The hacks on this list are simple and effective options. 

Use Cash 

In recent years there has been a move away from cash in favor of cards and devices, this is partly because of the rise in digital interactions, but it’s also because it’s more convenient to pay for things with a swipe than it is to visit an ATM and take out cash. But it’s a good way to save


Using cash is a little bit inconvenient, meaning you spend less when you’re at the shops; if you make a rule not to use your cards as well – perhaps put them in a separate place in your wallet – then you don’t spend money online like you normally would helping you retain your earnings. 

Use Apps 

Nowadays, there is an app for everything, and there are some excellent ones for saving and investments. The Plum app is a good example. Plum is free to download and convenient to use; it also has some high user ratings. Plum can link to your bank account and offer smart services. 


Using the Plum app, you can round up card interactions and fill up your digital wallet with a trickle of small amounts. Of course, you can also add a lump sum every month. Plum allows you to invest easily in a variety of businesses and start a pension. And it sends friendly messages.  

Get Comp

If you’ve suffered an accident at work, like a slip, fall, or something else, you could be in line for compensation. In most cases, the compensation can be substantial even when the incident is minor; that’s because of the trauma and impact the event has on your everyday life and job. 


No matter the incident, it’s a good idea to investigate all your options. Contact a personal injury attorney to find out if you are entitled to a lump sum. You might be surprised by the amount your get back, a sum of money that can be put towards your future security or used for debt. 

Stay Home 

The cost of living is rising everywhere, mainly because of rising energy costs and fuel costs that force shops and restaurants to raise their prices and stay in business. This is an unfortunate reality of today’s world, but it’s not up to you to save businesses from going under; save instead. 


There’s no point in going out to bars and restaurants when it’s only going to deplete your finances and make your life more precarious. In fact, a better idea is to arrange an affordable night with your partner or a few friends. Try cooking instead of buying food from takeaways.   

Shop Smart 

You don’t need an economic crisis to start smart shopping, it’s a great idea in any day and age, but smart shopping is especially easy these days because of internet shopping. Forget about going to the supermarket and overspending; instead, pick food more carefully on the website.   


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