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How To Save On Your Wedding

Weddings are expensive – everybody knows that. But not everyone knows how to budget for the big day. Budgeting for weddings is a smart move if you want to spend more money on the honeymoon, for instance. If you want to learn how to spend wisely and save money subtly so the guests won’t even notice, keep reading.

Forget Saturdays

Saturday is the most sought-after day to get married, meaning it is the most expensive. Hiring venues Monday to Thursday is an effective way to cut costs. Plus, marrying during the off-season, typically October to March, could save you up to £10,000.

Pre-loved and pre-owned

A brand new dress or suit can vamp up the wedding expenses. Consider buying a pre-loved dress or suit to combat this. Pre-loved garments are also a great option for eco-conscious couples. 

Borrow money or take out a loan

If your budget is too tight for the dream wedding you envisage, it might be wise to take out a loan or borrow from a trusted friend or family member. A reverse mortgage calculator will let you know how much equity could be released from your house, which could go towards that special day.

Double up on the ceremony and reception venue

If you plan to marry in a church, this may not be a viable option. However, there are plenty of beautiful venues that can host both the ceremony and reception. Doubling up reduces the cost of transport, and the package deal is usually cheaper than if you were to book separate venues. Comparison sites can help you find the perfect, affordable location.

Keep the guest list small

The more guests you invite, the more expensive the wedding will be. If you set out to have a small wedding and end up inviting a few more people than initially planned, that is at least better than planning a medium wedding and ending up with 100 guests for which to cater.

Decorate it yourself

DIY is your friend when it comes to a budget-friendly wedding. Suppose your friends are willing to contribute their decorative skills for free, even better. Choose a couple of DIY projects to accomplish to save where you can, like creating your bunting or personally arranging the flowers. Handmade decor can create a cosy, rustic looking aesthetic.

Call on budding photographers

Student photographers will be more than happy to document your wedding for a much lower price than a professional. Make sure to view their portfolio before deciding, but let’s face it, most people with an iPhone can get a cracking picture these days.

Create your entertainment

Wedding DJs have a notoriously bad reputation for playing cheesy songs and misjudging the mood. Avoid this extra cost and curate a wedding playlist of songs you love and the guests will enjoy. 

Practise your haggling skills

Use the power of negotiation to fix lower prices for essential wedding expenses. You can barter any goods or services if you do it smartly.

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