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Meet Forex Coach and Trader – Storm Bryant

We reached out to Storm after seeing her trading journey on instagram and wanted to find out more about her journey in Forex trading. Storm Bryant in  22 years old and a full time mom, wife, &  trader/entrepreneur. Check out this interview below : 

TCS: How did you get into forex trading?

Storm:  I got into Forex whilst doing network marketing around the age of  16, making around $5k monthly. At the time I  had a huge team, had begun traveling all over to be at the events, hosting my own events, coaching and more.  Let me say that I was EXHAUSTED. I didn’t want to teach other people personality skills, or sell something that wasn’t even mine any longer.  I
was sitting in my kitchen one day, and I realized that the wealthiest people I’d seen were either traders of some sort, or into real estate. I frantically began typing on Google ” How to get into trading “; of course…. Forex came up, I had never heard of it, the only trading I knew
of was stocks. Like most people. I did tons of research, and I then sought after my first mentor.

TCS: What is the difference between forex and other trading markets?

Storm: Forex VS all other markets; in my opinion lol. Forex stands for Foreign-Exchange, so essentially when you’re trading Forex, you’re betting on one currencies value, in reference to another currencies value. You’re looking at a chart, and when you think it’s going to go up, you buy. When you think it’s going to go down, you sell.  Whereas with stock trading, you’re ONLY investing into a corp, or a company and riding the wave of the companies growth/recognition. Forex is a minute by minute market; meaning that you can trade 24/7 on your phone, computer, anywhere. You can get into a trade for 3 minutes, and be done for the day if you’d like. It’s short term, and long term; whereas again, with stocks you’re investing ALOT of  money, and waiting for quite some time to cash out. Forex requires around $10 or so in an account to start trading, and if you build your skill set up ( which is what I teach now ), you can flip $10 to $100 in some hours. It’s low capital, HIGH reward market, IF that skill set is there.

TCS: What inspires you as a trader?

Storm: The money at first. For a very long time, I prided myself on being this 19 year old with 2 custom BMW’s, dope condo in the city, traveling, all the ” stuff ” I could think of…. Suddenly, I became a  MOM; which shifted my paradigm 100%. I am no longer taking as much pride in the “things”, rather than the ability that I have to spend EVERY waking moment with my family. My inspiration is knowing that daily I can wake up and create my own reality, daily. I can learn whatever I want to learn, work on my body the way I want to, rest when I want to, give my time how I want to, create new businesses, and passions. TIME FREEDOM is the truest inspiration, because it’s given me opportunity to create, give back, and become more of who I feel God wants me to be.

TCS: How has your thoughts about money changed since trading?

Storm: My relationship with money is no longer toxic. I see money as a TOOL, a resource, never the source.

TCS: What does a day in the life look like?

Storm:  I trade for investors, myself, and my educational company. Trading only lasts around 30 minutes to an hour, though. Many people think of traders sitting in front of their computer with a cup of coffee… STRESSED lol. Not me whatsoever, most times I’m finished by 10 a.m.  or so. I live in Central America, so I’m all about my health. I’m usually up at 6 a.m. , hitting the gym, meditating, reading, and then cooking breakfast with my boys. I have a few other businesses that I run, so I try to keep my work blocks between 11AM-1PM, and be finished working entirely by 3PM. I’m usually hitting the beach/pool, or doing something outdoorsy by that point. The phase of life that I am in, is would be working hard, but ENJOYING as much as I can. Life is short, so I’m about creating a simplistic, beautiful day to day.

TCS: Where do you see yourself impacting the industry?

Storm: To be honest, I don’t care to do anything insane within trading. The biggest investor account that I’ve closed recently was a $500,000 deal. Managing that much money has been TRULY exciting for me, and given me a lot of opportunity. Overall, I don’t consider myself just a trader. I’m passionate about the quest of life, love, and  being an entrepreneur . I want to eventually begin interviewing, and sitting at the feet of people who inspire me. I spend my days listening to podcasts, watching Oprah reruns, and reading books that elevate my mind; I see myself creating a platform to do the same for millennials. 

TCS: Can people learn from you? If so how?

Storm: OF COURSE people can learn from me. Visit my website is
Plenty of resources there!

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