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How Safely You Handle Your Money Online

As life moves onto the internet at an ever more frequent pace, it can be tempting to be frivolous with our money. The ease of purchasing content, goods or services online can quickly add up to wondering where all our budgeted cash for the month has gone. It’s not easy to steer clear of the constant promotions that bombard us from almost every app and online store we visit, but it is easy to enact some simple methods for overcoming financial vulnerability. We can protect ourselves online to the point where we are the only ones responsible for placing our money in areas we probably shouldn’t.


As a business, you have a whole different host of considerations. Protection and targeted, tight budgeting allowances are critical to your success. Here are a few simple methods for overcoming that difficulty and being a force to be reckoned with in the modern business world.


Antivirus Software


Smartphone banking apps allow us to regularly check our bank balances online, and with that comes a sense of ease and convenience that we otherwise wouldn’t have. However, if you’re constantly visiting your online banking suite without adequate virus protection on your phone, you are asking for trouble. Download a free utility like avast antivirus to give you adequate protection against spyware, malware, and keyloggers.


Website Certificates


Only purchase from stores that have adequate website certificates. These show that the website is reputable and verified. It’s easy on our travels of the internet to come across online stores that are anything but reputable but have a nice UI to fool a potential customer. This can occur if you’re looking for a particular niche item. Be wary of what websites you visit for maximal safety.

Common Sense


Use common sense. Just because you’ve seen a promotion as a sponsored post on your Facebook doesn’t mean the offer is worth it. Only buy from sources you trust. As a business, only sell to clients who can prove who they say they are. You can do this by implementing:


Customer Verification


Businesses are growingly incorporating Netverify software to allow customers to identify themselves easily. This can be used to authenticate accounts, provide documentation, and give you the credentials required to prove who they say they are. Enact this software in your firm and your client experience will be that little bit more streamlined.


Spam Filters


Both businesses and individuals can benefit from having these. If you have a public email address you use for support tickets as a business, you can be sure that spam will eventually make its way to you in bulk. If you click on the wrong email, your financial information might be gleaned from your systems in the form of a virus executable file. It’s important to give your staff training in how to properly apply these filters and identify a spam email.


As an individual, it’s important that you set these up in your inbox to avoid spam advertisements or scams that somehow make their way to you as a result of some businesses selling your information.


Common sense is a wonderful thing, especially when applied to modern methods of financial navigation.


Be sure that as both a business and individual, you are taking the steps necessary to counteract any misconduct.

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