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How To Get Started In Investing

Securing our financial future is a huge question facing everyone today. Do we save in an account? Do we plough our money into a pension? Do we find an investment fund? Do we gamble on the stocks or even on sport? Do we buy property and sell it on?

Earlier, we wrote about the issues facing millennials and their money. Student debt is at an all-time high; the job market is incredibly competitive, and people likely won’t be earning more than their parents. The chance to invest is at a premium which is why every opportunity must be well researched and thoroughly considered.

There are many effective ways to secure our wealth, and we’ll be speaking about investment today. It can be confusing, but hopefully, in this article, you’ll find some options you can start researching to get you past your first steps in investment.

The biggest advice most will give, is to get your head in the books and read Benjamin Graham’s Intelligent Investor. The reason for this is that before investing, you should train your mind to think like an investor. The Margin of Safety by Klarman is another book that should be studied and follows on from Graham’s teaching quite well, and the pair should be enough to get the budding investor gets started.

Possibly the key piece of advice before you start is to realise that you cannot outsmart the market, despite what some may tell you. Not many can outsmart the market at all, and many will actually benefit by using your money. Just make sensible decisions and invest in diverse opportunities.

There are, of course, treasury funds that one can use to plant their hard earned cash in, but as we just mentioned – a diverse investment portfolio increases your chance of success.

Property is just one way you can diversify your investment portfolio. The benefits of investing in real estate such as The Panda Condos include actually being in charge of your money. When you invest in the stocks or a fund, you’re giving your money up to be controlled by a manager for mutual benefit. When you choose to invest in property, you’re in charge, and you make the decisions. Every single decision about the property will go through you. There’s no boss because you are the boss. If you rent to a tenant, you’re paying off a mortgage to the property and putting money directly into your pocket.

There’s plenty of ways you can start off investing and property, and treasury funds are just two of the many methods. What’s more important is that you study and research the options before you start. While investing may be seen as gambling, you shouldn’t venture into the unknown and throw your money into it without the checks and balances needed. Be smart, and you’ll be successful. At the end of the day, it is your money, and you deserve to educate yourself about the rewards that smart, and bold, investing can bring.

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