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Top 3 Money Ideas to Earn More in 2018

By : Lisa Austen

More money is welcome anytime and from any legit source. Thanks to the Internet, earning more money has become a lot easier, thanks to slew of technology, new concepts and emphasis on optimum utilization of time.

Taking online surveys and other tasks will earn you some money in 2018. However, it will not make you rich despite working round the clock. There are myriad such tasks you can complete online, including micro-tasking for Amazon mTurk. Yet, the payment can only augment your income slightly.

Big Money

While online surveys, micro-tasking and other mundane tasks are fine for earning small amounts of money to meet your expenses or save, forking in significant amounts requires ingenuity and some basic skills. Thankfully, such avenues are also available readily on the Internet. Unfortunately, most of us remain blissfully unaware about these possibilities to make big money

Top 3 Money Making Ideas

To help you make significant cash or big money in 2018, we present three ideas. Understandably, you will have to exert some extra effort to make money that really makes a change in your lifestyle or savings. These ideas are workable, time-tested and proven.

Idea-1: Crowd Sourcing

The concept of crowd sourcing continues to gain popularity. Consequently, there are several crowd sourcing platforms such as Designhill, CrowdSource and The Smart Crowd, among others. These platforms enlist the help of professionals from various locations across the globe, in various spheres such as graphic design, software development or creation of complex marketing strategies, among others.

Visit any of these crowd sourcing platforms and look for areas of your interest. Register on one of these, where your educational qualifications, skills and experience can be deployed to complete an online project.

You can work on these projects after regular office hours. Spending a couple of hours alongside other professionals, helps deliver the completed project on schedule. You can earn as high as US$ 500 to US$1,000 or even more, depending upon your skills and the type of project.

 For college students who wish to earn some money during spare time, working for crowd sourced projects is beneficial. Other than earning good money, it also imparts skills vital for future career development.

Idea-2: Freelance Project

Bureau of Labor Statistics states, over 35 percent of America’s workforce consists of freelance workers. Understandable, because freelance work offers you excellent opportunities to earn more when compared with regular, nine-to-five jobs. 

Freelancers earn between 30 and 60 percent more than other workers and enjoy happier lifestyles, according to various sources. Further, America is gearing for a possible scenario where 50 percent of all workers are freelancers.

Anyone from college students to fresher, novice to veteran can take freelance jobs such as virtual assistant or social media marketing. Working freelance means you can take several projects that pay well simultaneously.

Working for a few hours daily on each of these and delivering on schedule holds the key to success. Also, freelance jobs offer flexibility to work from home or any other location and during hours of your choice. What matters is the project being completed on time. You can take a blend of short, middle and long-term freelance projects to ensure a steady and reliable source of income. Register for freelance jobs at reputed website such as Upwork, Freelancer, Guru and LinkedIn ProFinder.

Idea-3: Telecommute Jobs

Studies and surveys by various independent organizations indicate that telecommute working is on the upswing in the US. Telecommute work involves employment with an organization but with the option of working from home or any other location, rather than reporting to the traditional brick-and-mortar office.

Depending upon which source you refer, between 2.9 percent to four percent of America’s workforce now consists of telecommuters. This fact is highlighted by amendments made in work policies by IT giant, Yahoo. The amendment permits employees to work by telecommute, dispensing with the need to attend office.

Surveys indicate, telecommuters earn at least US$ 4,000 per year more than their counterparts to travel between home and office for work. A report featured by CNNMoney indicates, companies also save an average US$ 11,000 every year per telecommute worker.

Some of these employers pay a considerable chunk of their savings as incentives to telecommute employees. Surveys also found that telecommute workers have better lifestyle and are excellent performers since they do not have to undergo stressful daily commutes by driving or public transport between home and workplace.

College students can also take telecommute jobs where permitted by law to earn money and acquire skills required for their profession.

In Conclusion

There are various other ideas to earn more in 2018. Top among them is Multi Level Marketing. Signing up as MLM associate for a great company like Tupperware kitchen requirements, Avon cosmetics, Cutco cutlery and Amway health and beauty products, among others can also help you earn good money in 2018.

Opening an online store that sells stuff peculiar to your geographic location, designing exclusive software and apps for companies, also rank among top ideas to earn extra money in 2018. Online stores such as Amazon and eBay allow craftsmen to advertise and sell their wares by signing up as seller. These online stores have global reach and you can find adequate customers for your products.

With some extra effort and ingenuity, you can make considerable sums of money for expenses or building a portfolio of savings for your future in 2018.

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