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5 Exercise Excuses You Need To Stop Making

You know, and we know that it’s important to exercise. Yet many of us make up excuses that hinder any chances we have of keeping fit. Here are just a few of them.

Excuse #1: I don’t need to lose weight

You’re either making that excuse because…

  1. a) You are slim.
  2. b) You aren’t interested in losing weight.

Either way, there are reasons to exercise beyond losing weight. Medical science has proven exercise is good for us in other ways, such as reducing the risk of dementia, increasing our mortality, improving our mental and emotional state, and offering some protection against the onset of cancer. So, there are many benefits to exercise – weight loss being only one of them.

Excuse #2: I can’t afford the gym

The gym is a great place to keep fit, but membership fees can be costly. Thankfully, there are other places where you can exercise regularly. You could buy gym equipment for your home (take a look for yourself), go for a walk or a run in your local neighborhood, or go for a swim at your local leisure center. There are many options out there, so shut up about exorbitant gym prices and find an alternative that suits you.

Excuse #3: I don’t have the time

You’re busy; we get it – unless you are referring to the ‘chore’ of having to get through your Netflix watchlist. Family and work life can get in the way of exercise, but that doesn’t have to be an excuse. It is possible to fit exercise into a busy schedule, be that getting up in the morning before the rest of the family, or cycling to work instead of taking the car. And besides, are you really too busy to take care of your health? You need to prioritize your time and look after yourself.

Excuse #4: Exercise is no fun

Whoever said exercise needed to be fun? Nobody, that’s who, although it is possible to make it less of a chore. For starters, get other people involved and enjoy the camaraderie and support from another person. Then look for exercise activities that you may find enjoyable. For example, consider mountain biking, climbing, dance classes, motion-controlled video gaming, your favorite sport… the list is endless, so get out of that ‘boring’ mindset and find something that will motivate you to get your butt into gear!

Exercise #5: I feel too unfit

The reason you feel unfit is because you haven’t exercised enough. Your limbs are probably stiff from sitting down in front of the tv for hours at a time, and your breathing may be an issue every time you climb the stairs. There’s only one thing you can do about it! That’s right… exercise! Provided you pace yourself, you will eventually become fitter. It’s about taking small steps, so start an exercise habit that you can begin slowly before working your way up to bigger challenges. You will feel the benefits reasonably quickly, and you will probably begin to wonder why you never started sooner.

And so…

Did any of those excuses ring true with you? If so, stop making them, and do something about your fitness levels today. You will only thank us for it later.

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