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5 Healthy Benefits of Eating Raw Foods for Fitness Lovers

By : Luke Mitchell

Nowadays, the raw diet and its practices are becoming increasingly popular among a very diverse demographic. If you’ve been considering it for yourself, it’s important to be informed about some of its key points first. Here are a few things that you need to know about this lifestyle, as well some of its most important long-term benefits.

Ingredient List

A typical raw food diet is usually vegetarian, but depending on who you ask, you might also be able to add in sushi, unpasteurized dairy products, as well as uncooked meat or eggs. Sashimi is an excellent alternative to integrate if you’re looking for a loophole. Furthermore, more lenient approaches also allow a bit of baking or boiling here and there when it comes to select foods.

The usual ingredients that most people who follow this meal plan use on a daily basis are fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, beans, herbs, spices and coconut milk. And if you’re looking to add a fun twist to any dish and make things interesting, seaweed is also a great food to incorporate that even the strictest raw vegans allow.

Still, going down this path will limit what you eat tremendously, which is why you might sometimes run out of ideas on what dishes to put together. If you’re looking for some inspiration, learning more about the Cruise Control food list and adjacent recipes can provide you with much-needed insight on the topic of raw, organic foods.

The Benefits

1.      No More Processed Foods

When you think about it, the raw diet shares a lot of pointers with the clean eating movement. For example, both methods support the complete elimination of processed foods from dishes. Although this might not sound too challenging at first, spotting completely unprocessed foods has become harder and harder in today’s market.

The very definition of processed foods entails that any action which has been done to a certain ingredient in order to alter its natural state means that that particular good is now processed. Of course, depending on how strictly you choose to approach the issue, there is some leeway involved. Still, plenty of foods you’d think are natural have at least some extra sugar added.

2.      An Incredible Nutrient Boost

While a raw food diet is indeed lackluster when it comes to nutrients such as iron and calcium, it makes up for it on other fronts. Most foods within it are full of healthy fiber, as well as essential vitamins and minerals, as well as disease-fighting phytochemicals. But the question remains: how can you balance things and stay nourished?

Well, where there’s a will, there’s a way. There are two possibilities in this case. You can either broaden your spectrum and allow for a more permissive definition of what raw foods actually mean, or you can choose to take various dietary supplements that will make up for what you lose on the other end. So, don’t forget to always put your health first.

3.      Sustained Weight Loss

While it is true that weight loss isn’t the primary objective of the raw diet, it does help you in that respect as well. Even though you will consume mostly vegetal, uncooked foods, you will feel satiated quite quickly thanks to the fact that they are incredibly rich in fiber, as previously mentioned. Thus, you will slim down and stay that way too.

4.      Improved Cardiovascular Health

Studies have shown that adopting a raw diet lowers cholesterol and promotes heart health, as long as you balance out the inherent vitamin B12 deficit that comes with it. Therefore, when you remember to equilibrium between your diet and your body’s needs, you will be at your happiest and healthiest yet.

5.      New Lifestyle Prospects

Perhaps the most uplifting benefit that the raw diet can offer any fitness lover is the prospect of a new, lighter and more prolific lifestyle. By removing unhealthy and heavily processed ingredients from your dishes, you will flush out all the negative toxins that have been piling up in your body over time. Therefore, your life will be cleaner both inside and out.

This process is one that takes time and dedication, so don’t expect immediate results. When you will make the transition, you will notice small, yet important improvements with each day that passes. It’s a commitment that you must make to yourself, both body and soul. And as time goes on, you will see the benefits.


By adopting the raw food diet and eating only unprocessed and uncooked goods, you will look and feel better over time. Not only will you reach your fitness goals, but your cholesterol will also lower to an acceptable level, which stimulates overall heart health. And, most importantly, you will lead a life that is satisfying and prolific, which is a priceless thing to experience.

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