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5 Oral Issues and Why You Should Never Ignore Them

by: Nitesh Ranjan

Your smile is one of the first things that people see in you. Thus, it has a great impact on your social, personal and professional life. Not only that, according to the best dentist in Middle Village the health of your mouth also has great impact on your overall health.

But most people do not take their oral healthy quite seriously. For example, they can easily ignore an infection in their oral cavity, but they will never do the same if there is any kind of infection in any other part of their body. But it has been brought to the forefront by researchers that the early signs of many ailments like HIV can be identified in the mouth first.

Moreover, there are many medical conditions that deteriorate the oral health and vice versa. You can take for example the periodontal disease and diabetes that almost aggravate each other drastically.  Also, some ailments can develop in synchronization with oral issues. For example, chronic kidney disease is associated with the periodontal disease.

So, you should never ignore any of the oral issues if you notice or experience anything. Here are some oral issues and the implications that they have. Just read on.

  • Dry Mouth – This undoubtedly can be the early sign of various diseases that are underlying dry mouth like hypertension, diabetes, anemia, the autoimmune ailments like Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and also Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, your risk of dental decay and fungal infection can also be increased. That is why you should not ignore this condition and consult a dentist as soon as possible to know the real cause behind it.
  • Black Spots Over the Tooth Especially in Fissures – Though black spots do not mean that you have decay but, in most cases, they are. It wont cause any kind of pain if you find them in just the outer most layer of the teeth or the enamel but that does not give you a reason to ignore it. It will only get worse with time. If you ignore it, it can reach the second and the innermost pulp of the teeth that can cause pain and eventually break the tooth. If you ignore this symptom it wont cause pain for a long time but later, it will go on such condition that an RCT or Root Canal Treatment becomes a necessity.  You can even break or lose the teeth in the long run. You should also keep it n mind that the oral tooth filling costs are about 10 times cheaper than the Root Canal Treatment or any other similar treatments.
  • Toothache – You should not ignore even if you have the slightest of toothaches as it can worsen and take a toll on the quality of life that you have. It is capable of giving you the most sleepless nights. The infection of the jaw and the tooth are common causes for this but that does not mean that the severe health complications can be ruled out. A sinus infection can be implied by it and when coupled with the jaw pain it can also turn out to be a symptom of potential heart attack. In fact, if you are experiencing shooting yet intermittent pain in the face apart form the toothache then you may be suffering from a nerve disorder known as trigeminal neuralgia.
  • Dental Cavities – You already know that not rinsing the teeth after eating anything or having meals can make the food stick to the teeth that enhances the risk of dental cavities. But even after following proper oral hygiene if you face the same problem still it can be a symptom of low immunity and bacterial infection. This can lead to sensitivity and gum disease.
  • Bleeding Gums – Apart from the lack of proper techniques of brushing and flossing, a deficiency of Vitamins C and K happen to be one of the major causes of gum disease. Misaligned teeth can increase the risk of bruising the gums at the time of brushing and flossing. But the other issues that can signify gum ailment as a key symptom are Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), hormonal issues and hemophilia. It can be one of the early symptoms of leukemia, too.

The above are suggested by the most experienced and the top dentist in Middle Village who has been in this industry since many years now and has thorough knowledge of the probable reasons behind some major oral manifestations.

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