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5 Unusual Tips That Will Make You Sleep Faster

By: Phillip Sadler

A lot of people today are turning to a more alternative and in a way, more exotic perspective in treating sleep related problems. Although the ways of the west will always remain somewhat superior, there are a lot of people who turn to these remedies instead.

Sleep, as they say, is one of the most treasured things that a person gets to do. Without sleep, life would cease to exist. The very fabric of existence would be at a stand still if sleep is absent. Sleeping is a way for the body to recover. It’s a way for the body to tell you that you need to rest, lie down, and recover.

Sleeping makes people sane. It’s what keeps us from functioning properly. It is very evident that without sleep, a person’s cognitive and motor skills begin to weaken. Take for example an individual who sleeps late just to watch a t.v. show. When he or she has work in the morning, chances are he’ll be groggy and less energetic in work.

As mentioned earlier, a lot of people love to sleep. Due to this love, they turn to the East or the Orient for treatments that would seem outlandish and weird to a westerner’s eyes. Without further a do, here are some of those treatments.

Bring in Tea Instead of Coffee

There’s a reason why a lot of Chinese drink a lot of tea. Tea is much healthier and provides a lot more benefits to man. Tea has a lot of antioxidants than coffee. This reason also means that those who drink tea rather than coffee sleep better at night because tea relatively has a small amount of caffeine.

Cold Water is a Big No

Contrary to what most scientists tell you, you should avoid cold water at all cost. Chinese people believe that cooling down will instead tell your body to work much harder to even up the core temperature of the body. This “work” overstimulates a person, causing them to fall asleep much longer.

Mmm Massage

Similar to Homer’s famous catch phrase, we love saying “mmm” when receiving a massage. Don’t deny it. Everybody loves a massage right before bed. Whether it’s a simple foot rub or a whole body session, getting a massage is best for people who want to release stress and fall asleep better. According to the Chinese, there are pathways in the body which are invisible to the eye. When a channel is clogged, massage opens these up and enables the body to relax.

Coming to the Dark Side

Although Luke Skywalker and Yoda warned us about the dangers of going to the dark side, pun intended, the Chinese believed that too much light stimulates the body. Too much light prevents the body from relaxing, therefore makes it harder for us to sleep.

The Chinese suggest that if you see your hand 12 inches away from your face, then your room isn’t dark enough. Try avoiding any mobile phones because they can be sources of light that will surely prevent you from dozing off.

Phillip Sadler is a writer and a blogger who enjoys writing about health and lifestyle. He has a particular interest in how sleep affects the human being. Phillip likes to browse sites such as Beds Online as his references. When not writing, he enjoys bowling and eating buffalo wings.

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