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5 Ways to Improve Yourself During Quarantine

It’s a difficult time for us all right now, but finding ways to stay sane and even improve yourself a little in the process are well worth doing. Here are some lockdown-friendly ideas to try. 

Study a new subject

Most of us have an interest or passion on a topic that we don’t normally get the time to learn about or explore. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn about psychology, about animals, science or history but don’t usually have the time? Now is the perfect opportunity to learn about something new, there are hundreds of thousands of courses online or you could teach yourself using free resources online. Once the world returns back to normal, you’ll feel good knowing you used the time you had to be productive and level up your education. 

Work on your physique

You don’t have to hit the gym to improve your physique (which is useful since right now, none are open). You can exercise at home or in the garden using bodyweight exercises if you’re looking for ways to grow a bigger chest, legs or arms. You could follow cardio videos on Youtube if you wanted to improve your overall fitness or lose weight. If the place where you live still allows daily exercise out of the house, use this as an opportunity to walk, run or cycle. Now we’re all forced to spend more time at home and are less busy, exercise may be more appealing than it once was and something you’re able to stick to. Build good foundations and habits now which will be easy to keep up once things return to normal. 

Get your mental health in check

Right now, most of us are struggling. It’s a worrying time, and many of our freedoms and enjoyments have been stripped away. So focusing on mental health is important, and there’s plenty you can try. Journalling, meditating, hot relaxing baths and so much more. Many of us don’t get the time to relax and unwind in our day to day lives, so use this time to get your mental health in check. 

Do something charitable or helpful

Right now, so many people are doing charitable or helpful things to support others during this time. From signing up as a mentor, to being a volunteer to deliver supplies to vulnerable to raising money in some way. There’s plenty you can do to help others during this time, which can be a great boost to your own mental health too. 

Start a side hustle

If you’ve been furloughed and aren’t currently working, why not use this time to set up a side hustle? A way to earn extra money that you can continue with even when you return back to work later on. It could be a blog, a Youtube channel, a tutoring business- there are plenty of options that allow you to make money while still sticking to guidelines with social distancing.

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