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5 workout supplements myths you need to stop believing right now

By: Jessica

While the evolving technology is giving us more and more reasons to stick to our couch, fitness trends have inspired so many to achieve a healthy and fit body through hard work and dedication. “Getting fit” is the aim of all these passionate souls who put their mind and body to achieve their fitness goals. The fitness industry has seen a storm of products that aim to encourage and inspire more people to take up this goal. Comfortable and affordable gym apparel, hi-tech pieces of equipment, supplements etc, are flooding the markets today. But all these amazing progress does come with some myths that leave people baffled about what to believe and what not to.

So here are 5 common myths related to fitness supplements that you need to stop believing.

  1. Myth: Whey protein supplements cause weight gain:

 Improving protein consumption is recommended during workouts especially for bodybuilding. Whey protein supplements are available for consumption in the market. These mixtures include a combination of PDCAA (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid), BCAAs( Branched Chain amino acids) and various other multivitamins that enable gym goers to build lean mass. These supplements are also great enablers for athletes for muscle recovery post workout. Yet, although these mixtures are a great source of protein there is no evidence to prove its direct link to excess weight gain. Weight gain is mostly associated with lifestyle choices and other factors that cause a pile-up of excess calories in the body.

2. Myth: Excess protein intake through whey powder might damage the kidney:

A general idea among people is that consuming an excess of protein-rich supplements might be harmful to the kidney. But this can only be harmful in case of people suffering from kidney or liver disorders as this increases pressure on the organs to perform more filtration.  People who have any underlying kidney issues should monitor while consuming protein-rich diets and supplements and also intake a lot of water to enable the body to flush out the by-products after digestion with ease. In general, protein consumption can be good for your workout to achieve the best results and so far there is no such thing as too much protein. In general, consuming balanced amounts of nutrients is better than intaking too much of any.

  1. Myth: Whey protein supplements work best only after workout:

This myth is, in fact, the offspring of doubts that people tend to have about consuming supplements – Should you take them before or after a workout for the best results. When it comes to whey protein these supplements are brimming with BCAAs which can be fuel to the muscles by oxidizing the amino acids and thus help during a workout session. Also, the presence of protein analogs makes it a powerful agent for post-workout as the muscles and tissues get stressed heavily at this time. These facts help us understand that whey protein supplements can be effectively consumed either pre or post workout.

  1. Myth: Supplements can help improve strength and muscle mass even in the absence of training:

Supplements are only an aid to enable better functioning of the body and to enhance overall health. It is important to remember that supplements are no magic powders that can bring the transformation of your dreams without working out. Supplements help amplify the results of your workouts by catalyzing the chemical functions that help you build up. Hence supplements alone in the absence of proper training cannot help you get strong or big.

  1. Myth: Supplements have steroid mixtures in them:


A general rule for finding good products is to look for the ones with low preservatives. Supplements are a way of providing the body with nutrients that might be deficient. This enables bringing balance to the body and promote healthy functioning. As long as you consume supplements from trusted brands and keep within the dosage limits they are safe for consumption. Supplements are designed for the body to absorb them faster and in a more efficient way. Good products do not contain any steroids and the labels will indicate the ingredients for clear understanding.

Important points to note:


  • The effect of these supplements is variable from person to person. Hence there is not a constant promise of the effect that is possible after using them. Individual metabolism, pre-workout, diet, workout type, time, and many more factors contribute to the result you see. Just because it worked for your friend does not mean it will work the same way for you.


  • Supplements can only be effective with a proper diet to complement the same. Proper diet and supplements can balance and satisfy the nutrient requirements of the body effectively. The absence of proper diet and consuming supplements alone cannot help you through your fitness journey. Similarly, even if you have a good diet plan weeding out the use of supplements completely cannot be good. You need a bit of both to achieve amazing results.


  • Supplements from good and renowned brands are made from natural sources to make them appropriate for human consumption. Hence there is no need to worry about any side effects that might accompany the use of them.




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Jessica is an avid reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of books. Holding on to her passion for fitness, She Believes that a healthy diet is a key to healthy living.​


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