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Alternative Workouts You Might Enjoy a Little More

If you’re planning on getting fit and in shape, it’s important that you remember that the gym isn’t the only option you have. Sure, the gym is an effective and easy means to incorporate a variety of exercises into your lifestyle at a relatively low cost and all in one place. But if you’re happy to mix things up a little and enjoy a little variety, you may want to incorporate some alternative exercises into your regime too! Here are just a few alternative forms of exercise you might want to give a little consideration.


Okay, basketball might not have been top of your list when you consider different exercise options, but it’s a great all-rounder. You work out your entire body in this full-on sport, as well as improving important skills like hand-eye coordination and aim. If you want, you can start practicing yourself at home with basketball drills designed by professional coaches. This will help get you up to speed with dribbling and your shot. After a while though, it’s definitely worth looking into local teams in your area- whether you become interested in playing casually or competitively. This’ll give you a chance to put your new skills to good use and really enjoy the inclusive side of a team sport.


If you’re considering something a little more hands on, why not try out boxing? Now, of course, upon first consideration, this sport can be pretty intimidating. But you won’t just be thrown straight into a ring. Instead, you won’t be expected to take any punches at all if you don’t want to. You can simply undertake the workout regime surrounding boxing. You can punch bags, skip, and engage in a whole other range of activities focused on increasing your stamina, strength, and general level of fitness.


For something a little more casual and a whole lot of fun, consider trampolining. Now, you may not have been on a trampoline yourself in years. But trampolining comes hand in hand with a whole host of health benefits. This low impact form of cardiovascular fitness is great for your stamina and goes easy on your joints at the same time. It will also help to drastically improve your balance and coordination. What’s more? You don’t even necessarily have to head out and buy your own trampoline, which could be pretty costly. There are increasing numbers of trampolines at health centers and trampolines at trampoline centers where you can engage in other fun activities at the same time – like jumping into foam pits and trying out a trapeze!


There are, of course, plenty of other alternative exercises and health promoting activities out there that you can try out. These are just a few ideas. But hopefully, they’ve helped to open your eyes to the world of opportunity out there! There really is so much more than the gym to get yourself into shape!

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