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Clever Loopholes To Help Millennials Afford Health Insurance

A low wage job, high rent, and health insurance is pretty difficult balancing act. Usually, something ends up falling and more often than not, it’s going to be your health insurance. It should be a priority, of course, but the sad truth is that there are so many people that are in a situation where they have to choose between health insurance and the rest of their necessities. It’s not the way things should be but we’re stuck with it for the time being.

If you get injured or sick and you haven’t got insurance, you could be stuck in debt for the rest of your life. Unless of course, you get lucky enough to have those debts paid off for you by a famous comedian. We can’t all count on that so if you don’t want to risk getting saddled with thousands of dollars of debt before your 30th birthday, you need to get some insurance.


It’s no surprise that the healthcare industry isn’t always giving you the best price for insurance, or charging you the most reasonable price for treatments, but that does mean there are ways to reduce your medical bills and insurance costs. Here are a few tricks and tips to help the numbers add up.


Be Healthier


This isn’t exactly a trick or a loophole, but it’s good advice generally so it can go on the list. When you’re buying health insurance they’ll give you a price based on how likely it is that you’ll claim. If somebody has long-term health problems then obviously they’ll need to pay more. But don’t think that just because you’re young, you aren’t being assessed. If you’re overweight or have any other health problems, those premiums are going to shoot up. If you’re looking a bit full around the waist, why not give one of those exercise routines that can show you how to lose belly fat overnight? It’s far better to be in good shape when you make your application and hopefully, it’ll knock the price down a bit.


The other benefit, of course, is that you’re less likely to get sick. Even though you’ve got insurance, you’ll usually have to pay an excess, especially if you have something more serious. Exercising a lot and eating food that improves your health can help you to stave off any illnesses that will be expensive, and push up your insurance costs in future. As well as saving you money, it’ll help you live longer which is always a bonus.


Generic Medication

People love brand names, even when it comes to drugs. You wouldn’t think that people would be bothered, it’s just medication after all, but there are plenty of brands that are far more expensive than others. Just like trainers, you can probably get the same thing without the label for a lot cheaper. The thing is though, the doctors won’t tell you that. They would much rather you bought the more expensive brand for some reason. Whenever you get any medication, just ask whether there are any generic brands that are cheaper. Nine times out of ten, there will be and you’ll make a tidy saving.

Shopping around is also a good way of reducing the amount of cash you spend on prescriptions. Some of the bigger stores like Target or Walmart sell those generic brands a lot cheaper than your local pharmacy does. Just have a look around before you part with any money.


If you can’t be bothered to go out and get your medication, and you want it cheaper as well, there are mail order medication services that you can use these days. Most health insurance companies are starting to offer them now. Anything that you take regularly like birth control is way cheaper and easier to just get sent to the door.  

There will be some people out there that have read this and still think that they’d rather buy the branded version. You might have a point because studies have suggested that expectations about the quality of the drug could improve its effectiveness. If you’re insistent on getting ‘the best’, then you can at least try to get a deal on it. Check the manufacturer’s website on a regular basis because they often have coupons on there, just don’t start taking medication you don’t need just because you had a coupon for it and you didn’t want to waste it.

Ask For A Discount

They might be a bit sneaky when it comes to selling you expensive medication but doctors aren’t all heartless monsters. If you tell them that you’re struggling with costs they’ll do what they can to help you out a bit. About 60 percent of people that are forward enough to ask for a discount from their doctor get one. It’s not always a massive amount but if you’ve been seeing them for a while, you’d be surprised what they’re willing to offer.

Read Your Bills

Obvious, right? So why aren’t you doing it then? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Most people don’t read their bills in full before agreeing to pay them which isn’t very sensible considering so many of them have mistakes in. There’s no telling how many people are overpaying for their health care because of these small mistakes. Always check how much you’ve been charged and whether it’s correct or not. If it isn’t, get it changed and start saving some cash. If they try to get out of it, just be persistent and they will change it eventually.

High Deductible Plan

Getting a high deductible plan is like gambling on your health. You’ll have to pay more out if you need to claim because your insurance won’t cover as much, but the monthly payments are significantly lower. It depends how confident you are about your health and whether you think you’re likely to get sick. But remember, that doesn’t take into account accidents so you’re always playing a dangerous game.

Hopefully, the cost of health insurance will go down in the future but that doesn’t look likely anytime soon, so try out these clever loopholes to make it a bit more manageable.


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