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Dating 101: Forming Relationships in the Pandemic Age

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Just over a year since the outbreak of a global pandemic, the daily activities that we previously took for granted are now becoming a distant memory. 

Most of us can’t remember the last time we were able to step into a store without wearing a mask, sitting in restaurants can be seen as problematic, and dating and relationships can seem impossible for singles seeking love. 

In spite of everything, though, many people are still on the lookout for a romantic connection.
Whether you’re ‘going steady’ or making the first steps into the dating world, here are some tips to help you to get through.

Try to Steer Away From Using too many Apps 

When you’re just starting out with online dating, it can be tempting to download all of the dating apps to cast a wider net. However, this will often lead to overwhelming feelings as your phone constantly pings with notifications from all the apps you signed up for. 

One of the most important things to remember when using apps is that they are attached to real people. You need to be able to spend a dedicated amount of time using them while also giving yourself to break you need to ground yourself. 

Get On The Phone 

It’s easy to stay anonymous online. However, sparking a connection with someone who has only seen the pictures you choose to share is challenging. Use some of chatlinedating’s phone numbers to speak with people on the phone so you can connect with people’s voices. 

Alternatively, take the plunge and ask them to video chat with you. There are apps out there where all you need is a username and password to log in and get chatting with people. You could treat your video chats like a first date. Get dressed up as you would for a date, have a meal ‘together’, and enjoy getting to know each other. 

Express Your True Self 

It can seem as though the online dating world is more about image than anything else. It can, rightly or wrongly, be the thing that helps people to formulate the options they have on others. What you share is even more important than ever when you start conversations with people, you want to show them your authentic self.

Portraying a facade can be exhausting if done for too long. The best thing is to just be yourself and forget about trying to be somebody you’re not. The worst kind of imposter syndrome happens when you are actually the imposter. 

Take The Pressure Off

The past year has been challenging for everybody, and now that things are opening up again it might feel as though you have to go out and do things. However, you need to make sure you feel comfortable enough to do so. Periods of crisis should mean focusing on the things that need to be dealt with immediately and sometimes that is making sure that you take care of yourself first and foremost. If dating has to be put on hold–let it be.

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