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Feeling Stressed? Find Out if CBD Could Help

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a derivative of the cannabis plant. It’s not the chemical in the plant that causes a euphoric “high”, but many find that it helps them reduce anxiety and lower stress levels. If you’re interested in using CBD to better manage stress, you need a product that offers a consistent dose and you’ll need to choose the best method for your needs.

How CBD Gets to Your Nervous System

CBD can be taken

  • under the tongue, or sublingually
  • into the lungs, or vaped
  • into the stomach in an edible
  • through the skin as a topical

It should be noted that most anxiety sufferers use one of the first two methods because this gets your CBD into the bloodstream quickly. Digested CBD, in a gummy or dropped into a smoothie, will take approximately two hours to get into your nervous system.

How CBD Acts on the Central Nervous System

The chemical structure of CBD means that it binds with the nerve cells in your body. Once bound or “plugged in,” this molecule can block pain reception. In fact, many who vape CBD oil use the product in micro-doses to stop nerve pain and muscle spasms. A full dose of vaped CBD may be twenty-five puffs; a micro-doser will take one or two to calm an irritated or inflamed nerve.

For someone suffering anxiety caused by stress, the CBD dose can often stop the “gerbil wheel” effect of your thoughts. If you’re worried about your job or money, you may find that your thoughts run constantly from one disaster scenario to another. People with social anxiety disorder, who feel a strong need to flee certain situations, have gained relief from a dose of CBD before a business event or speaking engagement.

CBD for Focus

While many who use CBD have good luck dosing before bed so they can quiet their thoughts and fall more deeply asleep, other users find that a microdose in the middle of the day can increase their ability to focus. If stress has you feeling overwhelmed and unable to choose how to move forward, a CBD microdose under the tongue during the afternoon slump could help.

What Kind is Best?

There are many dispensaries and product lines available for CBD, THC, and other hemp-related products. Seek out a full spectrum CBD oil, which means it will contain less than .3% THC, so there’s little to no risk of a euphoric response.

What About Allergy Concerns?

Allergic reactions to CBD are extremely rare. However, the product is often suspended in oil, if you plan to take a sublingual dropper dose, or is mixed in an oil appropriate for vaping. If you’re allergic to tree nuts, avoid coconut oil. However if you can tolerate coconut oil, this is an excellent option for a drop of CBD in your breakfast smoothie.

If your mouth is sensitive to spices, avoid cinnamon. Peppermint oil is generally tolerated by most users, so review your personal tastes and choose a product that will suit your preferences and needs.

Vapers Beware

If you have a vaping tool and want to try CBD, be very careful that you do NOT vape an oil blended for sublingual use. These are very different products and burning the wrong oil before inhaling it can make you extremely sick. For those who want to try vaping, look for a good quality disposable vaping pen, preferably with a ceramic filter.

Consider the Source

When buying CBD, look for a supplier that buys certified organic products. Organic CBD can be a challenge to find; the ground must be free of herbicides and pesticides for a particular period of time, and any rotation crops will need to be certified organic as well. It’s important to note that some farm crops have herbicides added to the seed husk before shipping, so this certification is critical for safe consumption.

It must be stated that CBD as a treatment for anxiety and stress is still in the testing phase. However, the risks of CBD use are small and your chance of an unpleasant reaction is very low. Consider keeping a journal of your anxiety and stress level before your dose or microdose, then study how you feel after a dose. With this tool, you can determine if CBD will work and the best way to time your doses.


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