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A Guide to Getting More Time Away from Work

Do you feel that you don’t get enough time away from work every year? Well, you probably already know that you’re hardly alone in that desire. More time off work can help you achieve a better work-life balance – which can be essential for health and productivity.
Here are some ways that you can start looking forward to more time off.


Get a more flexible job


If you really don’t feel like you have a great work-life balance, then it may be time to consider taking on a new job. This may seem like more stress than you’re willing to deal with right now, but it might work out great in the long run.


More and more businesses are letting workers do their job from home and with more flexible hours. Thanks to cloud computing and online collaboration, this is a lot more realistic for many businesses. You might want to start looking at a job that can offer you this, allowing you to spend a little bit more time relaxing.

Start your own business


To an extent, a lot of this is about taking control. When you aren’t your own boss, then it’s not really up to you how much time you get to take off. So a solution to this might be that you become your own boss.


I know, I know: easier said than done, right? And it’s not as if this is that quick a solution. You need to invest so much time into getting your business off the ground in the first few months. But if things go well, and you find yourself making a good revenue with a good bit of disposable income, then you can simply decide that you’re going to take some time off. You call the shots not, so as long as your business is in good hands, take all the time off you need!

Cut down on long vacations


Strange fact: most Americans don’t take time off on a regular basis. A lot of the time, people forget. Or they become convinced that they’re going to need a huge chunk of time off later in the year. A lot of people save their time off because they have a long vacation plan.


But while this may seem smart, all that time you’re spending going to work every day might be wearing you down and stressing you out faster than you think. It might actually be smarter for you to start taking shorter vacations at more frequent intervals. You could do something exciting in your time off that doesn’t have to eat up a whole week – things like cruises or golfing holidays can be as short as a couple of days!

Ask – but compromise!


Run out of vacation time already? It may be more feasible than you think to get more. You just have to be willing to compromise.


Offering to do more hours of work can help you convince your employer to grant you some extra days off – this way, it becomes a sort of trade of time. A lot of companies actually allow their employees to buy time off, or at least take unpaid vacation. Anything to help them make or save more money, right?

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