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How to Prepare Healthy Raspberry Smoothie

Written by: Nellie Rodriguez

Description: Getting to gobble down a cold refreshing and rich-tasting raspberry smoothie is very satisfying. The crimson red color of fresh raspberries and the unforgettable aroma are just the iceberg tip. What the fruit carries inside is the gold.

We always strive to live better and healthier lives. There are many ways to utilize the best ninja blender to make delicious drinks. It is essential to check your diet instead of indulging in everything. Just because it tastes good does not mean it is right for you. That said, one of the best treats you will ever savor over is a glass of freshly made raspberry smoothie.

We all have seen and perhaps tasted these little beauties, but are you aware that they are from the rose family? They are, so if you have never seen them, you definitely can imagine the appeal they have in appearance plus the aroma!

You will also be glad to find out that there are so many kinds of raspberries from the typical red ones, there are also the black ones, purple ones and the rarest, the golden ones! Yup, you read right gold!

So here are some raspberry smoothie benefits that you can enjoy.

  •     They are potent antioxidants that help the body cells fight and recover from oxidative stress, which results in diseases.
  •     The high fiber in the fruit is excellent for digestion.
  •     The high tannin content benefits you with blood sugar regulation.
  •     If you are watching your carbohydrates intake, you will be glad to find out that a raspberry smoothie is very low in carbs, thus perfecting your keto diet.
  •     They may have cancer-fighting properties.
  •     Because of their anti-inflammatory properties, a raspberry smoothie may improve arthritis by blocking COX-2, an enzyme responsible for inflammation and pain.

With that cleared, now let’s get to the sweet part. Making some!

How to Make Raspberry Smoothie

The how is very straightforward, the what is the where the work lies. You must first decide which kind of raspberry smoothie you want to make and the desired outcome—something like a raspberry smoothie for weight loss. There is a raspberry smoothie with milk, a raspberry smoothie with ice cream, etc. You simply select which suits your taste and go with it.

So here is what you will need:

  •     A fruit blender
  •     Apple juice or almond milk, or coconut milk, lemon juice, or any juice of your choice
  •     banana
  •     Frozen raspberries
  •     Honey
  •     cinnamon
  •     Fresh raspberries and mint
  •     Water

Note: this list of ingredients caters to the different kinds of raspberry smoothie recipes to be discussed below. Some are used in all recipes, while some are specific to others.

Procedure of Making a Traditional Raspberry Smoothie

The procedure of getting your nutritious raspberry smoothie is effortless. You simply pour the apple juice, add the banana, raspberries, yogurt and the honey into the blender.

Then you proceed to blend the mixture until smooth and delicate.

Next, you pour the fresh raspberry smoothie into glasses and serve while chilled. And believe it or not, you are done! Now you can go ahead and enjoy your healthy traditional smoothie.

Procedure of Making an Anti-inflammatory Raspberry Banana Detox Smoothie

This recipe is for the person who needs to feel energized in an instant. If you have been feeling lazy, sluggish, or just had a crazy night, this raspberry smoothie healthy recipe is for you.

Making a raspberry banana smoothie for detox is just as easy as the previous one. Just like the traditional kind, you put everything into the blender and run it until smooth. Here you blend the coconut water, apples, banana, lemon juice, cinnamon, and the frozen raspberries. And voila, you have your masterpiece.

Conclusion: Nothing beats having a freshly blended raspberry smoothie as a substitute to soda. Not only is it tastier, but the nutritional value is impressive. That said, why not try and make yourself and your family a glass! They will enjoy it.

If you have more recipes on a healthy smoothie treat, share it with us, and we will give it a try.

Author’s bio: Nellie Rodriguez after suffering from arthritis for over ten years, after getting to know that raspberry smoothie could do the trick, she has been giving more raspberry smoothie recipes to help with the pain and swelling. This is in addition to all the benefits of raspberries.


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