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Keeping Fit With a Disability: How to Adapt and Meet Your Goals

When you have a disability, whether it is recently acquired or something you have had all of your life, staying healthy can be one of your top priorities. However, your disability can make it difficult, especially where working out and keeping fit are concerned. You might struggle with energy levels, pain, accessibility issues or simply being organized and committed to keeping fit. But there are ways that you can stay healthy and fit if you know how. Take a look at some of these suggestions for getting active if you have a disability, whether mental or physical.

Manage Your Energy Levels

For many people, simply finding the energy to stay active can be tough. When you only have a certain amount of energy to use, it often needs to go on things like work or looking after your children. You could start by finding any ways that you might be able to manage your time and energy better. If you have recently become disabled, claiming against your disability insurance can help with your income and reduce your need to work. You can get help with your claim from an attorney if you’re having trouble dealing with your insurance provider. Legal advice and support can help you get what you deserve.

Find Exercise That Works for You

One of the most important things is to find an activity that works for you, both in terms of enjoyment and accessibility. Firstly, consider the things that you are able to do or might be able to do with some support or adaptation. If you need some inspiration, take a look at some different disability sports. Low-impact activities might be good to start with, such as walking or swimming. Everyone is different, so finding something that will work for you can take some trial and error. You might enjoy finding workouts online that you can do at home and that are suitable for people with your disability.

Look for Accessible Facilities

Many disabled people can find it difficult to go to the gym or use sports facilities because they’re not as accessible as they would like. You might be able to get into the building, but can you actually use any of the equipment, attend a class or join a team? You can try searching for accessible facilities near you to see whether they might offer equipment, support and other benefits for disabled people. Some places might have disability sports teams and classes.

Get a Personal Trainer Who Knows Their Stuff

If you have fitness goals, you can benefit from hiring a personal trainer who will help you to reach them. However, you don’t want to hire a personal trainer who has never worked with disabled people before. You need someone who knows how to adapt workouts to your needs and can create a tailored program for you. You might be able to find a trainer who specializes in disabilities like yours.

Being disabled doesn’t have to mean that you can’t keep fit. There are often ways for you to find a workout routine that works for you.

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