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Knock-Out The Sadness! Fighting For A Better You

Ask yourself an honest question. Just one. How are you feeling right now? You can answer it fully truthfully, no-one is listening except you.


Sadly, the answer may be negative in nature. It might not be that you answer the question by saying that you are in a pit of despair, but you could still be down, sad or slightly upset with how things are going right now.


Now, there are a great many things in life that can harm us. Workplace stress, relationship worries, and personal issues can climb on top of us, and if they all build up, it can feel crushing. Not only that, but we are prone to find refuge in unhealthy habits.


Comfort eating, drinking alcohol and smoking can offer us a brief relief from life, but if these turn into habits, we can ruin our physical and internal health.


It’s not a pretty picture when all of this builds up. Mental health and physical health are just as important as each other, and when things get tough, both of these aspects of our health can come to a crushing low. If you’re not firing on all cylinders, you might be falling into bad health.
It sounds slightly cliche, but you deserve the best version of you. Why wouldn’t you?

It’s very easy to recover your health today. You’ve just got to start. It’s never too late to quit bad habits and start getting healthier. It sounds difficult, but it’s as easy as stopping. Don’t buy a new box of cigarettes, don’t have another pint of beer, don’t eat dessert after lunch. We get it, it’s difficult, but you have to stop somewhere. If you can’t quit ‘cold turkey’, then try to manage and record what you are consuming.


It’s a bit geeky, but keeping a spreadsheet of your bad habits can put it all in perspective. Simply listing when you’ve had a smoke, a drink or eaten unhealthily can present you with the stone cold truth. It might be embarrassing to be confronted with the raw data of your bad habits, but if it can kick-start your health journey, then great! Anything that can help you get healthy is good!


Now, it’s time to join the gym. It’s all well and good exercising on your on, in your home – in fact, it is encouraged. The gym, however, can give you the perfect environment to kick on and push yourself. Also, since the gym costs money, you’ll be wasting it if you don’t go. Physical exercise can help our mental wellbeing by naturally releasing endorphins through the motion of our bodies. Talk about two birds and one stone!


There is a lot in our life that can make us sad, and we can’t help it. What we can do is get ourselves fighting fit on all fronts to combat periods of sadness when they arrive. What’s more, if they don’t arrive, you’ll look and feel good in the good times!


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