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How to Lose Weight & Get a Smaller Waist after Pregnancy?

By : Joshua

After delivery, the first thing that comes to most women’s mind is going on a diet. According to some nutritionists, that’s truly fine. When a woman gives birth, she will naturally lose some pregnancy weight such as the amniotic fluid, the placenta and the weight of the baby.


Over the next weeks, she can lose some extra fluid in her body which was associated with the pregnancy; the extra fat she added during the pregnancy period. Further studies prove that women who don’t make effort to lose weight six months after pregnancy have the risk of retaining the weight for a long time.

Experts say that it is ideal for women to lose weight before getting pregnant again; they can lose their weight by engaging in credible weight-loss program or going for organic detox. Below are some tips that would help women to lose weight and get smaller waist after pregnancy:

  • Eat Healthy

One of the best ways you can lose weight is by eating healthy, combined with engaging in a weight-loss program. This will help you to maintain and achieve a healthy weight. Healthcare experts agree that both physical activity and healthy nutrition play an active role in weight-loss process.  

Gone are the days when a woman is asked to take days or even weeks of bed rest after giving birth. Unless there are pregnancy complications that requires the woman to take enough rest, if not the woman is encouraged to keep moving. Women who eat healthy will keep losing weight up to nine months after delivery.

  • Breastfeeding

Studies show that breastfeeding is effective, especially few months after giving birth. Women who keep on breastfeeding their babies will burn about 500 calories per day. Breastfeeding is good. Women who breastfeed are more likely going to lose pregnancy weight than those who bottle-feed their babies. Breastfeeding shrinks your womb. Keep in mind that during breastfeeding, if you eat more than the amount of calories you burn, you will continue to add weight.

You will need enough energy if you are nursing a newborn baby, because if you try to lose weight quickly shortly after giving without taking the necessary precaution, it will make you feel tired and slow down your recovery process. Thus, it is important you don’t attempt a low-calorie diet. It is ideal you start your weight loss process after conducting a postnatal check.

  • Core workouts

It might be extremely hard for some moms to find time and play with your baby, especially during the early months. So, you can try some healthy exercises you can do together with the baby. However, ensure you are fit enough, to ensure your baby and your own safety.

  • Belly dancing

This exercise is very effective; you can start doing it few hours after giving birth. Its advantages are multiple; it tones your belly, abs, strengthens your body and relaxes your muscles.

  • Zumba

This is a fun loving activity. If you like zumba, then keep on doing it. If you don’t know how to do it, then you are encouraged to attend a zumba class today. While zumba works for some women, research says that it doesn’t work in most women.

  • Bicycle crunches

This is very effective; it helps in regaining your abs after pregnancy. Bicycle crunches will squeeze your abdominal muscles post-pregnancy especially if you try it at least twice every week for three months or more.  There are many resources in Youtube that shows how to do this.

  • Stay motivated

Are you having challenges in losing some stubborn fats? Whether you like it or not, this happens to a lot of people. No matter the efforts you are making at the moment to lose weight, you may lose your motivation at a point.

Strict dieting, daily stress, a tight schedule and poor sleeping habits can make things worse. Although exercise and healthcare dieting can help, but maintaining a positive mental attitude will play a huge role.

  • Find your inner drive

One of the most effective ways of losing weight is by writing down your goals. Know why it is important for you to lose weight. Do you want to get lean because you want to boost your self-image and confidence or do you want to look more attractive for your spouse? Finding your inner drive is the key. Ensure this is what you want and then go for it.

  • Track your progress

There are many ups and downs that go with losing weight. Your diet, stress levels, and mood will guarantee temporary weight gain. While you work hard to lose weight, occasionally find time to track your progress by adjusting your diet and identifying your weight fluctuations accordingly. Make sure you measure your quads, arms, and waist circumstance at least every two weeks.

  • Take Before and after Photos

This is good. Many moms take before and after pregnancy photos. The advantage is that this helps them to track their weight loss progress. This is an effective and simplest way of staying motivated and tracking your results. Seeing such photos will make you feel better about your weight-losing efforts.

  • Go slowly

Losing weight entails taking one step at a time. You can give up on fatty foods, but take it gradually and cut back on calories slowly. Engage in a credible fitness routine. Give your body some time to adjust. Adapt to a good exercise plan and eating habits.

  • Don’t be a perfectionist

Don’t ever try to be a perfectionist. We are all imperfect human beings, so don’t make yourself to be perfect. There are so many distractions that distract you from cheating on your diet. One cookie will never have any negative effect on your health. Eat the right foods at least by70% and the right result will come.

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