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Rachel Scruggs Shares Refocus and Creating Personal Time Tips

By: Rachel Scruggs

Now, it can seem like there’s not enough hours in the day for the corporate-entrepreneur-fitness savvy- spirit led-baddie (This term describes the many hardworking women who balance their main job and side hustle all while finding time to work out and attend bible study). “Adulting” is no easy task, just ask any millennial still trying to find their purpose in work, relationships, etc.

There are many distractions like men, Instagram and Facebook and even our beloved TV shows that can cause us to be stagnant. In order to progress in life whether that’s professionally, physically or spiritually you have to constantly be working at perfecting your craft.

Some great ways that have helped me refocus on my goals and give more time to myself are:

1)  Starting my day off by hearing from God and praying 

2)  Putting my social media apps on timers

See the complete list >>>

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