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SEEDS : Acronym You Need To Know To Achieve Fantastic Health

Have you ever wondered how to achieve excellent health? With all the articles and conflicting advice out there on the internet (thanks primarily to collusion between private businesses and government agencies), it can be hard to know what to do. But now there’s a simple solution: SEEDS, an acronym that contains everything you need to live a long and healthful life.

According to medical malpractice attorneys, tens of thousands of people die every year, just from contact with the medical system. As a result, it’s imperative to avoid winding up there in the first place. Here’s how to use the SEEDS acronym in your own life.

S – Social

Science has recently unearthed how important being socially connected is for brain health. People who aren’t social feel more isolated, less connected, more depressed and more anxious. These feelings can, in turn, alter their physiology and their behaviors, leading them to make decisions that are bad for their health.

It is also known that the telomeres on our chromosomes – the things that partly determine how long we live – actually get shorter, the lonelier we are, meaning that good relationships are important, especially in old age.

E – Education

It’s also good to be constantly educating yourself, not just about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, but also so that your brain has something to focus on. Did you know that when we learn something, our brains release feel-good factors? People who have an aim or a mission in life tend to outlive those that don’t.

E – Exercise

Humans evolved to be consistently exercising. After all, we had to spend a vast amount of energy collecting food and hunting the odd animal. Some physiologists have estimated that the average ancient human traveled more than 10 miles a day. That’s a lot of movement.

It turns out that exercise is both body- and brain-enhancing and helps us to think more clearly and be happier. A quick 30 minutes of exercise can also help our brains grow new neurons and create better memories. It’s a great anti-depressant too.

D – Diet

When it comes to longevity, vitality, and health, diet is the big kahuna. Did you know that couch potato vegans have healthier arteries than omnivorous, elite marathon runners?

It turns out that we are what we eat. The more plant food we eat, the healthier we will be. Every one of our body’s cells depends on a steady supply of vital nutrients as well as all of the phytonutrients contained in plant food. Experts recommend that people skip simple carbohydrates, like sugar and refined cereals, and they avoid fried foods as these can cause damage and inflammation in the body.

S – Sleep

Finally, to cap it all off, there’s sleep. Sleep shouldn’t be thought of as just one thing: in fact, it’s a range of activities that our brains engage in throughout the night. Doctors say that getting enough sleep is essential for mental health and avoiding dementia later in life. During sleep, fluid from the brain stem flows up into the brain and cleans out all the junk that’s accumulated during the day.

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