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As good as getting out and doing some open-air exercising is, sometimes you just want to stay at home and do it, and that’s just as good a thing to do in the quest for a healthier lifestyle. Whether it be because of the weather, the darkness outside or a general desire to not be seen in sweatpants, a desire to not want to exercise outside is not a bad thing, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t still optimize your health potential. Below are a few ways in which you can bring your exercise regime into the comfort of your own home.

First and foremost, there are built in exercise machines dotted all around your home, you just have to look behind their original purpose. For instance, your bathtub (if you have one, of course) offers up a plethora of opportunities for workouts that work on a number of different muscle areas — some of them are even fun to do. You should draw a bath (if you are seeking to workout in it, then it’s best to avoid adding too many products at this stage as you could find yourself dipping your head in the water frequently), and then proceed to doing push ups or planks, which will provide strength training for your arms or shoulder presses that will get to working on enhancing your posture. What makes working out in the bath a fruitful activity is the fact that warm water limbers up muscles, which ultimately means you may find your ability to stretch is far better than it normally is. The best part of all is the once your workout is done you can ease your muscles in a nice, long soak. However, just make sure you tub isn’t excessively slippery when you come to doing your workouts on or near it, because that can be detrimental for obvious reasons, especially if there’s no one in the house to take you straight to A&E!

But if using your household appliances in this way is not something you wish to do, then by all means you can bring the gym into your home. You can bring in a host of typical gym equipment to your home, including spin bikes and rowing machines, so that you can experience the same workouts found in the gym environment, only in your living room. For instance, you could purchase a rowing machine, the best of which can be found here:, and take to putting yourself through an intensive gym-style workout without having to worry about other gym users who are awaiting a turn on the machine looming above you. By not joining a gym you are instantly saving on subscription and membership fees, and the money you save can then be spent on purchasing even more gym-style exercise and workout machines.

And the money you save can also be spent on bettering your nutrition. The act of healthy-eating and drinking, like the act of exercising, doesn’t have to necessarily be one that you have to leave your home to attain. For example, by purchasing a blender and chucking in it all of the ingredients needed to create a concoction such as a green smoothie, of which you can find the ingredients and details on how to make here:, you can easily and instantly improve your nutrition intake and get all five of your five-a-day in your very own kitchen.

So, the next time you get the itch to change your life for the better through exercising and healthy eating, then you can rest assured that you don’t have to leave your home to do so!


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