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The Best Sports to Help Relieve Stress

We all experience stress. Whether it’s from the demands of our day job, keeping float financially when our pay packet seems to count for less and less or the general rigors that come from managing a home, work and a family. In small doses, stress can even be good for us. It can keep us alert, motivated and energized and prevent us from lapsing into complacency. However, when we experience relentless stress, day in day out (what is known as chronic stress) it can have a wide array of ill effects on our health.

Yet, while stress has the capacity to shorten our lifespans and diminish our quality of living, it’s also relatively easy to combat. For many, stress is simply a matter of taking the time to indulge in their favorite sports.  Even if you don’t have much of an interest in watching sports, you can still have fun playing them while availing yourself of a range of health benefits.
Any exercise is better than none!

Before we look at the best sports for stress relief and maintaining your mental health, it’s important to note that any exercise is better than none. In the unlikely situation that none of the following floats your boat, even an extended brisk walk with the dog every day can help to melt the stress away.

Let’s take a look at some of the best sports for stress relief…

Boxing and martial arts

We’ve all had days at work where it’s all we can do not to lash out and punch someone. However, since such an activity would result in disciplinary procedures, most of us reign in this instinct. But carrying all that potential energy in us can’t be too healthy.

Take yourself to the local dojo or boxing gym, however, and you can unload all of that stress while also meeting new people and getting one of the best full-body workouts on the planet.


It may not be a fast-paced or high impact activity but golf carries with it a wide range of health benefits for the body and the mind. What’s more, when you visit a stunning club like Fiddler’s Creek Golf in Florida, you get the benefit of spending time in the fresh air amidst beautiful surroundings. We all know that proximity to nature is great for stress relief and mood boosting. Is it any wonder that golfers are thought to live up to four years longer than the rest of us?


Finally, while yoga may seem daunting for beginners, there are few activities on the planet which are better for stress relief and combating anxiety, tension, nervousness and depression. Through focused breathing, meditation and stretching and conditioning the body, yoga seeks to unify the body and the mind. Is it any wonder why yoga practitioners seem to constantly enjoy a happy, healthy glow that no skin cream can replicate?

Again, while any physical activity can help to relieve stress, remember that life begins outside of your comfort zone. Try any of the above sports and you could take your first step on a path towards a new, happier, healthier you!

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