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Top Reasons To Try MMA For Fitness

MMA fighters are always in incredible shape. MMA is a full-body workout that pushes you to new limits, whether you’re training in the sport for fun or to win a fight. MMA can get you into great shape and has lots of other great benefits.

  1. No contact fight training. With MMA, you can train like a fighter without actually getting hit. Many MMA gyms offer fitness programs that are based on training and conditioning in a safe, non-contact environment. Whether you want to lose weight or want to learn more about self-defence then MMA will give you skills, conditioning, and fitness training, without the worry of fighting. 
  2. It’s a total body workout. Most sports work only one set of muscles. Swimmers have strong shoulders, cyclists have strong quads, but MMA fighters need to have a strong upper body, lower body, and abdominal. MMA workouts are designed to work every muscle of the body. Kicks strengthen your lower body, punches build your arms, and grappling develops your core. MMA also improves also flexibility, giving you great fitness and all kinds of gains.  
  3. MMA is more than just fitness. Working out at the gym can be boring, meaning motivation is hard to find. With MMA, you are building self-defence skills as you learn, giving you something else to think about while you exercise. Instead of being a chore, an MMA class can be something fun that you look forward to. There is always a new challenge to take on. You can also see fitness improve quickly with MMA, which is very motivating. 
  4. Try a new style of workout. When you workout at a regular gym, you need to come up with a workout. With MMA, someone will plan a workout, including a safe warm-up and cool-down for you. An instructor will lead your workout, so all you need to know is show up. The technique is a big part of MMA, so someone will always make sure you are doing the exercises in a correct and safe way. 
  5. Burn calories quickly. With a traditional gym, there are so many ways to burn calories. Some exercises burn calories faster than others, but few compare with the calorie-burning speed of MMA. Grappling and striking use a lot of muscles, and your core is almost always engaged. Even non-contact classes are intense, so you will burn calories in a much shorter amount of time. 
  6. Learn self-defence and confidence. MMA is one of the best combat sports for self-defence. MMA combines stand-up fighting, ground fighting and takedowns. This can help you to learn how to defend yourself in a real-life situation. Learning new skills also builds confidence. MMA helps you to know that you can take on a tough challenge and succeed. 
  7. Make friends. MMA has a real focus on respect. You will learn to respect your instructor, your training partners, and your opponents. This respect helps to forge a bond with everyone in the gym. You’ll make friends with like-minded people.
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