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23 Things I learned from Being 23

By: Rachel Scruggs


As some of you may know I went to Paris for my 24th birthday. It was quite the experience. Now, on the 9-hr flight back from Paris to the United States I decided to write down my reflections on everything that I had learned within a year from moving to Houston, attending graduate school and just LIFE in general. My “Jordan year” as people would call it didn’t go so well, but from 2016-2017 I can honestly say that I have grown as a person and learned so much about myself. All the bad I experienced were learning lessons from God himself and for that I’ve gained an appreciation for the bad days. I decided to share my reflections with you all as I feel they can help someone through whatever difficulties they find themselves in. ALWAYS REMEMBER THE DARK HOUR ONLY LASTS 60 MINUTES.



23 Things I learned from Being 23✨

  1. When you’re sad talk to God, He’ll solve your issues & bring you clarity
  2. God’s timing is perfect 👌🏽
  3. Speak positivity into your life daily
  4. Don’t sleep with someone you wouldn’t want to be your 👶🏽 daddy
  5. Have healthy friendships with males 🙋🏽‍♂️ you find an interest in before exploring intimacy or dating
  6. Use your 20s to work hard to set you up for life in your 30s, so grind & make the most of that time ⏰
  7. You will get over your ex‼️he was a piece of 💩 anyways
  8. Don’t wear your emotions at work
  9. Express the issues you have with your boss in a professional 👨🏽‍💼👩🏽‍💼 way
  10. You will lose friends & that’s okay
  11. Be content 😌 with eating alone it’s really not even that bad at all 💁🏽
  12. Never 🙅🏽🙅🏽 quit a job until you have another one ☝🏽 lined up
  13. Be open-minded to other people’s views 🌎 Everyone didn’t grow up the way you did
  14. Budget each month accordingly for miscellaneous activities like sushi 🍣 happy hour, etc
  15. Being broke doesn’t last forever
  16. Your “dream” job doesn’t exist you have to create it
  17. Internships are 🔑 to getting the job you want in whatever career field you want to be in, it’s all about experience
  18. Invest in a good wig (Model-Model)
  19. Home 🏡 will always be where the ❤️is no matter where you move to
  20. Resolve petty issues with a quickness, learn when to hold your tongue in conflict situations
  21. Communication is essential to maintaining any relationship 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧💏
  22. Your sister 👯is your best friend & will always have your back no matter what disagreements you may have
  23. Your mom 👩🏽 has superpowers💥
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