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4 Apps Every #GirlBoss Needs


[Dallas,TX – October 15th]

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If you’re looking to work smarter, be more productive + more organized then this list is for you! There are some great, FREE productivity apps out there to help you get your #GirlBoss on.

Here’s my list of apps you need to help you WORK smarter, along the journey to your dreams:

Wether you’re ballin on a budget or you’ve got money to blow, Mint will help you get your finances in order. This app allows you to set a budget, track your spending + even set alerts to warn you when you’ve overspent (but not in the nagging way your mom does it). You can also keep track of your bills + pay them with Mint. I love this app because it allows me to track exactly where my money is going by camparing one month’s spending to the next. If I spent too much eating out the previous month, the app shows me + I can be mindful of that moving forward.

I fell in love with this note taking app in college. This app is the ultimate thought, project + planning organizer. You can create a notebook for any subject or project. You can record audio, type notes, add pictures, links and even import documents. This is great for those of you have a million notebooks. Localize all your thoughts to this one app. The other great thing about evernote is that it syncs across both the app + the desktop version. Notes I take in the desktop version of the app appear in the app on my phone + vice versa. All my zany thoughts in one place. Excellent!

See the rest of the Apps you need here 

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