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6 Ways to be the Angry Woman in Corporate America

By : Brittany Johnson of

Do you have to think before you speak? Do you get others to proofread your snappy emails prior to pressing send? Are you constantly trying not to “get out of character”? Then you, mam’m, may be an angry black woman trying to climb the corporate ladder.

I deal with this problem on a regular basis. I feel the strength of an eye roll coming with the force of 10 buses and have to hold it back because I don’t want to be considered the rude, angry, temperamental, black woman of the office. This was one reason I decided to get into Operations Management. I felt like I could be an entire dickhead without people thinking it had to do with the possibility of my menstral cycle or the intimidation of my black skin. But there are still times where I have to hold back.

Now I won’t lie, there are black woman who fall into the stereotype, but I think there are ways to separate yourself so people will take your frustration seriously.

1.) Make sure to back up your temper with FACTS

There’s nothing more frustrating then someone freaking out about things that either aren’t true or don’t matter. It starts to seem like you’re just temperamental. That’s when people stop looking at the situations as infuriating but like you are hard to please. Anytime you find yourself in a situation where you think you need to go off on someone, do it, but get all of the facts first and lay them out as early as possible.

2.) Limit how often you are visibly upset.

If you find yourself ‘snapping’ at work every other day, then maybe you aren’t working in an industry that is right for you. Some jobs are more stressful than others, which is fine, but it shouldn’t make you fly off the handle all of the time. Eventually you’ll make a reputation for yourself that others won’t want to work with, which will make it impossible to grow your career with that company.


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